How Salt Works Against Stains Or Smelly Shoes?-Lifehacks

How Salt Works Against Stains Or Smelly Shoes?-Lifehacks

Salt is not only our universal spice but also a real blessing in the household. It will even help you with smelly shoes or stubborn stains. You can find out how to do this here!

Without salt, our life would literally be bland. We have been using natural minerals to season and preserve food for thousands of years. In the middle ages, salt was almost as valuable as gold; today it is part of the basic equipment in every household. But the capabilities and possibilities of salt are not limited to the kitchen, life hacks for the entire household prove it. 

Salt against red wine stains

red wine stain
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This is practically the classic among the salt life hacks. If you have spotted yourself with red wine, you should apply a layer of salt to the stain as quickly as possible. You have to wait until the salt turns red, i.e. it has soaked up the wine. Only then carefully knock off the salt and put the item of clothing in the laundry. This method works on the blouse as well as on the light-colored carpet. 

Salt against stains on copper

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Copper is becoming more popular again in the kitchen, but it also tends to tarnish. Salt helps against the unwanted, greenish patina. First, moisten the object with water and then sprinkle salt on the surface. Then rub with a lemon wedge and it will shine again. Then rinse, dry with a soft cloth and you’re done.

Salt for bad-smelling shoes

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Salt is also a solution against bad footwear. Just put a little coarse salt in your shoes and leave it on overnight. The salt then pulls out the moisture, i.e. the sweat and a large part of its smelly components. The next day, the shoe is a pleasure for feet and nose again.

Salt against burnt food in pans and pots

burnt food
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Salt also works well against burnt residues in pans and pots – where you can save yourself the surfactant club and thus go easy on the mucous membranes and your wallet. You simply add about a tablespoon of salt and two tablespoons of vinegar, depending on the size, to the pan or saucepan and let the whole simmer until the burned-in areas have dissolved. Then just rinse off.

Loosen tea and coffee stains

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Especially with enameled cups, the brown discoloration can develop on the bottom over time. Not only are these unsightly, they’re also quite stubborn. But salt helps here too! You just have to sprinkle the appropriate areas and let the salt work for a few hours. Then clean with a brush or a sponge and the stains are gone.

Salt against mold

Salt removes water from its surroundings. And this effect can even be used to prevent mold. You can simply set up a bowl of commercially available table salt in the room to remove moisture from the air. 

Salt keeps vegetables fresh longer

vegetables soaked in water with salt
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This effect is also based on the ability of the salt to remove moisture from its surroundings. If you keep vegetables in the refrigerator, they will stay fresh and crisp longer if you put a bowl with a little salt next to them. The moisture that the salt absorbs can then no longer penetrate the vegetables.

Lifehack salt

So salt is so much more than just a spice, it is also a real universal help in the household that can save you the chemical club many times. It’s natural, cheap, and available at all times. Anyone who has ever used salt for cleaning in the household often tries it successfully with other tricky problems. So new salt hacks could follow.

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