Sensitive Skin During Menopause? You Need This Care Now!

Sensitive Skin During Menopause? You Need This Care Now!

With the onset of menopause, not only does the hormone level change, but also our skin. Are you about to enter menopause and suffer from sensitive skin, skin irritations, or acne? Your skin needs the following care now…

How menopause affects itself can vary from woman to woman. While some have to struggle with annoying symptoms such as hot flashes, others may consider themselves happier: around a third of women hardly notice the change or not at all.

However, in this phase of life, we all have one thing in common: Our bodies are changing. While we perceive this to be different psychologically and physically, we all experience a change in hormones – and this is often noticeable on the skin. Care products with CBD should help to get a grip on skin problems during menopause.

Menopause and Blemishes: What to Do Now

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The nice thing about getting older? You get to know yourself and your skin better and better over the years – and love! At some point, you will know exactly what suits you and what doesn’t. However, menopause presents us with a new, unknown challenge. Because when the hormone level drops, the skin often does what it wants: acne, blemishes, or irritations are suddenly the order of the day. High time to adapt your care routine! What does your skin need now? Gentle active ingredients that can soothe and nourish irritated skin at the same time.

The right care for mature skin

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Mature skin during menopause is demanding. On the one hand, we try to counteract the diminishing elasticity with moisture, on the other hand, we want to react healingly to possible skin irritations. This is where products with cannabidiol (CBD) are particularly suitable: According to leading dermatologists, the gentle active ingredient can score points with its therapeutic power in anti-inflammatory processes. Therefore, CBD is not only an important building block in anti-aging products, but can also be relevant for healing and relieving skin irritations or blemishes. Sounds like the perfect combination for menopausal skin, doesn’t it?

Highly effective in menopause: care products with CBD

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Therefore, care products that combine calming ingredients with anti-aging components are ideal for women going through menopause. And we have found just the thing for you: The care products from Nordic Cosmetics combine highly effective anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic, retinol, and vitamins (C + D + E) with antioxidant CBD.

Our recommendation: Revitalizing face cream

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Our favorite for mature skin: the rich anti-aging cream. The highly effective formula can be perfect for sensitive skin during menopause, reduce visible signs of premature aging and at the same time protect against harmful environmental influences. And best of all: all Nordic Cosmetics products are vegan and cruelty-free.

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