Are You Making These Shower Mistakes? 5 Things That Harm The Skin

Are You Making These Shower Mistakes? 5 Things That Harm The Skin

For you, showering is probably part of your daily routine. Daily showering can damage the skin! Otherwise, you can make some mistakes in the shower that your skin will find difficult to forgive. Here are the five most common shower mistakes and how to avoid them!

Put it underneath, water on, rub in shower gel and then rinse off – what can you do wrong with this, you are probably thinking to yourself now.

But there are a few habits that can be very troublesome for the skin. The five biggest mistakes in the shower are:

Too high temperature

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Even if the hot water feels so good and relaxing on your skin – your skin suffers from the high temperatures.

“Hot showers open the pores and remove natural oils and moisture from the skin,” Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip, director of the cosmetics department at the South Shore Medical Center, told SELF.

Experts agree that lukewarm showers – similar to the water temperatures in a heated swimming pool – are better for the skin than hot showers.

Too frequent showering

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Even those who shower two to three times a day will deprive the skin of natural oils and moisture.

In fact, dermatologists assume that even taking a shower every day can be harmful.

“If you don’t exercise every day or if you sweat a lot, it is enough to take a day or two off between your shower sessions,” explains Marina Peredo from Mount Sinai Hospital.

If you do not want to do without the daily shower, you can first try to reduce the time per shower. With this measure, you can already do something good for your skin.

Shave criss-cross

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Even if there is not always enough time for the perfect shave in hectic everyday life: Dermatologists recommend always shaving in the direction of hair growth.

You apply cream too late

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Studies have shown that the skin should be moisturized immediately after a shower to give it back enough moisture.

This becomes all the more important if you have shaved while showering: “If you don’t put on your skin cream immediately after  shaving, you risk skin irritation, inflammation and razor burn,” explains Joshua Drawer from the Mount Sinai Hospital.

You are exaggerating with your scrub

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Those who regularly use peelings remove dead skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Several times a week, however, this is too much of a good thing: “It damages the skin barrier and can even cause inflammation,” warns Engelman.

“When the skin barrier is damaged, the skin becomes more sensitive and more susceptible to bacteria and irritation,” she adds.

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