6 Key Strategies For Hiring New Remote Workers For Your Business

6 Key Strategies For Hiring New Remote Workers For Your Business

Remote workers today are in high demand. After the pandemic hit, most of the business owners, managers, but also working staff are aware that some professions can be completely moved remotely, without having to leave their home, or while they travel abroad. It saves a lot of money on big offices and supplies, like desks, chairs, computers, printing paper, and so on. But, not all recruiters were ready to perform that process online, even though now, almost two years after the pandemic, we know that it’s all possible if we adapt our skills and knowledge to that situation. 

Also, we are aware that the freelancers are working from home all this time, and they earn even better than the people who go to the office every day and face the working stress and toxic environment. It’s sad that a pandemic needed to happen, so we can understand the importance of letting the people choose if they prefer to work from the office, or remotely, but also for the CEOs and business managers to provide that option to them. 

But, as you suppose, it’s not that easy to recognize a quality worker from a phone or video call. We can try to help you out with this one, but you have to include the HR department in the recruiting process, so you can be sure you are getting the best person for your job position. And here is how to do that:

Provide a complete description of the open position, so the right and competitive people can apply

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List every requirement you have as an employer, including the conditions, working hours, the main tasks, but also some specific things they will need to deal with. If you need some certifications or licenses for that person, mention that in the job description. You need to know what do you exactly need, so only the right people can apply for it. Probably you will make some tiny mistakes until you and your team gain more experience in online recruitments for remote workers. Make sure you provide the additional equipment if there is something specific they need to use, like a better computer, or any other thing that is important for the position. And now you are ready to start with the recruitment. 

Ask for recorded video messages instead of video calls

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Video calls are very time-consuming, and not every time is good for them. But, you can give the applicants an option to record a video and tell you why are they competent for this job and how they will help your company to perform better in the market. So, you can better see how they behave and the way they talk and communicate. When you have time, you will watch and listen to the materials, and get back to those you think will be a good fit. 

Take enough time to evaluate the applications, so you can make your decision

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After you read the CV, their cover letter, and their video messages, you need to schedule meetings with them, through video platforms or personally, if possible. You have to meet with the candidates who went through the initial phase and see some of their perks and skills, like how they respond to the emails, the language they are using, are polite, and do you really want to work with that person too. Also, they need to know how to use the most recent technology communication tools, because your work with them will be completely based on that. If they have all these attributes, they are probably a great fit for the job position.

Check on their background

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They may have a list of previous experiences, but today it’s very easy to check on their background on social media, or in the previous company’s history. This is not spying on them, but just a quick checkup if they really have the needed experience you require and if they are suitable for that profile. You can ask questions about the previous job, but be polite, because if you push too much, they may give up on the idea to work for you, even though they are the ideal candidates for that. 

Use combined channels of communication

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Combine the emails, phone calls, and video meetings, so you can see if they respond fast, how long does it take for them to complete some task, and are they available to use the new communication tools efficiently. Let them know that they aren’t tied to their desk while at work, but they also have to know that they need to be available during the worktime for meetings, and to respond to emails faster. By using different communication channels, you can easily estimate who of the candidates is doing these things the best. 

Make clear what do you expect from your work relationship with them

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You can’t change your mind every day, because remote workers know how to immediately find a new job if the current one is not making them happy enough. Just because they don’t go to work, it doesn’t mean you can be giving them tasks that aren’t a part of the job descriptions. If you are at the office, it’s easier for the coworkers to help each other, but remote positions are more individual and can’t be changed every day. Explain to them the company culture and your expectations, and the standard protocol. That will help you build trust and professional relationships with these people.

Some people still don’t understand how remote workers are a thing, but if you think that your concept allows you to save on desks and equipment, then you can find those who don’t want to move from home, and who hate waking up a few hours earlier so they can arrive at the office on time. It seems easy, but it can be really challenging to find the right people for this. But, our suggestions will really help you decide what do you want and start recruiting the professionals who will work for you. 

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