Stress With Kanye West! He Wants To Knock Him Out And Get Kim Kardashian

Stress With Kanye West! He Wants To Knock Him Out And Get Kim Kardashian

Rapper Soulja Boy has a lot of trouble with Kanye West. He is said to have removed him from his new album and now Soulja Boy is taking revenge on social media.

Actually it should mean a new career level for Soulja Boy (31) – and attention without end! The rapper took part in a song from Kanye West’s (44) new album “DONDA“. And this record should be one of the most spectacular releases of the last few years, if only because of its marketing. With several listening events, at which even Kanye’s ex Kim Kardashian (40) appeared in the bridal look , West stirred the advertising drum vigorously. Now the album has officially been released. Bitter for Soulja Boy, because he has to find out in this way that Kanye has deleted his part from the common song “Remote Control” – without prior consultation!

Kanye West remove Soulja Boy from the new album

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But there was also unrest with other rap colleagues in advance because of the features, because allegedly Kanye is also supposed to have deleted the parts of Beyonce’s (39) husband Jay-Z (51) and DaBaby. The release of the album showed that, unlike in the case of Soulja Boy, their concern was unfounded. Soulja Boy, on the other hand, is actually missing. In the song “Remote Control” the rapper Young Thug can be heard instead of him and Soulja Boy is therefore in a rage. So much so that he even threatened Kanye West.

Soulja Boy hated Kanye West on Twitter

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Soulja Boy claims that Kanye wrote to him asking for the feature part for his album. Soulja Boy proves this on Twitter with screenshots. There he also leaked a video in which his rap for “DONDA” can be heard and wrote: “F * ck Kanye”. He is particularly angry that Kanye did not play with open cards, but removed his part from behind. In an interview with “tmz”, Soulja Boy stated that Kanye “wasted his time”. He even suggests resolving the conflict in a particularly tangible way.

Soulja Boy challenges Kanye West to a match

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He suggests that he and Kanye compete in a celebrity boxing match and was hopeful to “tmz”: “I think we could make $ 100 to 200 million!” And then he tries to provoke Kanye by mentioning his ex Kim Kardashian. Soulja Boy posted an old photo, also on Twitter, showing him with the reality TV star, postponed Kanye and wrote: “I was the first rapper with Kim Kardashian, not you.” Is he alluding to a possible affair between the two? In any case, after all the weird promotions for “DONDA”, Kanye West will be happy to see those headlines too. After all, an old saying goes: “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”.

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