5 Tricks Will Help So That Your Wool Sweater No Longer Scratches


Wool sweaters in particular are often annoying due to the annoyance of scratching. Five easy-to-use methods can help.

Wintertime is sweater time and we especially like to snuggle up in a fluffy wool sweater. But what to do when our garment is no longer so fluffy, but rather itches and irritates the skin? We introduce five simple tricks on how to stop scratching.

Ventilate wool sweaters instead of washing them

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Since the delicate wool in the washing machine can suffer and become scratchy as a result, airing the sweater should always be preferred to washing. This keeps the wool in its original condition and the sweater as fluffy as it was in the store. 

Use wool detergent

laundry detergent
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Usually, after a while, one or two stains landed on the sweater and a wash is unavoidable. In this case, you should definitely use a special wool detergent. Wool detergents are usually pH-neutral and therefore particularly gentle on sensitive fibers. In addition, many of these agents contain special softeners, which make your sweater really fluffy again. 

On the other hand, you should keep your hands off fabric softeners. They can be responsible for causing your sweater to get out of shape. The chemicals and fragrances contained in it, which stick to the fibers, can also irritate the skin and thus ensure that your sweater does not feel extra-soft, but even particularly scratchy. 

Conditioner with vinegar

vinegar and conditioner
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If you want a special softener, you shouldn’t go to the drugstore on the detergent shelf, but rather look for the conditioners that you use to care for your hair. Because in many cases wool is nothing more than animal hair. And if your hair becomes particularly soft after using conditioner, this also applies to your wool sweater. 

One part conditioner should be mixed with two parts warm water and one part vinegar. Put two tablespoons of the resulting cream in the washing machine and wash your sweater on the wool cycle. Then it is dried lying on a towel. 

As reports, it is important to make sure that the conditioner you use does not contain any proteases. Because wool and silk are also proteins that can be damaged by the proteases.

Use the wool washing program

washing machine programs
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Regardless of whether you brush your sweater with a brush in the sink or abuse it with high revs in the spin cycle of the washing machine – in both cases, the item of clothing can become matted and thereby become particularly scratchy. It is better to clean it gently in a special wool cycle. Use wool regimen. Another reason why wool is so soft and fluffy is that it contains natural fats. Washing can remove these fats from the sweater. Treatment with a wool regimen that contains wool fat helps restore the sweater’s elasticity and fluffiness. 

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