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Would You Like To Increase Your Attractiveness?-9 Tips To Shine Inside And Out

Everyone has probably felt the urge to become more attractive at some point. And that is actually possible. Here you can find out how you can simply increase your attractiveness. Increasing one’s own attractiveness seems inconceivable for many people. After all, attractiveness is very subjective. Nevertheless, you can appear more attractive to your fellow human beings through higher self-confidence, […]

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High pony

The Best 5 Golden Rules For The Perfect Hairstyle

A new haircut? Maybe even short instead of long? So that nothing goes wrong with your hairstyle, you stick to the 5 golden rules for visiting the hairdresser. The most important rule at all at the hairdresser is to always be honest and not to fool around. Even if you think the information is unimportant, it is likely […]

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mocha melt hair

That’s Why This Hair Color Is Particularly Popular Right Now

While we opted for blonde in the summer, the balayage look is now coming back in a very special color combination: Mocha Melt. Here we explain why the color is so popular and what you should pay attention to when styling. When it comes to styling, everything revolves around the transition period between summer and autumn. The […]

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blonde hair

What Are The Most Beautiful Shades Of Blonde?

Radiantly beautiful – these are definitely the most stylish blonde tones in 2021! This year there is a lot for all blondies. From Hollywood chic to cool ice tones – 2021 promises beautiful blonde prospects. Blondes are clearly not all blondes. This is also shown by the latest trend blonde tones in 2021. If you want to try […]

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