curly hair

How We Wear Our Curls Now?

Are you proud of not having straight hair? Then show it! Here we reveal what’s hot in terms of curl styling and hairstyles… Are you one of the lucky ones who are naturally blessed with curls? Congratulation! But then you also know that your hair needs more. More power to shine. More care in order to be armed against all challenges […]

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High pony

The Best 5 Golden Rules For The Perfect Hairstyle

A new haircut? Maybe even short instead of long? So that nothing goes wrong with your hairstyle, you stick to the 5 golden rules for visiting the hairdresser. The most important rule at all at the hairdresser is to always be honest and not to fool around. Even if you think the information is unimportant, it is likely […]

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blonde hair

What Are The Most Beautiful Shades Of Blonde?

Radiantly beautiful – these are definitely the most stylish blonde tones in 2021! This year there is a lot for all blondies. From Hollywood chic to cool ice tones – 2021 promises beautiful blonde prospects. Blondes are clearly not all blondes. This is also shown by the latest trend blonde tones in 2021. If you want to try […]

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Celebrity Hairstyles-We Want These 4 Trend Hairstyles Of The Stars Too!

We often see new hairstyle trends on the heads of the stars. We have put together 4 trend cuts with which you can give your hair a new pep. Some celebrities change their hairstyles almost as often as their outfits. Sure: a new haircut attracts attention! Because that’s exactly what you want as a VIP: […]

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