Why Is Zinc Important For Our Health?

Frequent infections, skin problems, tiredness – a zinc deficiency can cause a lot. We explain what tasks the element zinc has in the body and how you can prevent a deficiency. Zinc is a vital mineral for our body and is involved in numerous metabolic processes. It is contained in enzymes and is also active in protein reactions. It […]

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What It Means When You Crave Tomatoes?

If you also get cravings for tomatoes on a regular basis, there can be a number of reasons. We explain the meaning. It is well known that people use chocolate regularly and with great enthusiasm. But some contemporaries have a completely different passion. They love to bite into a tomato with pleasure and often consume large quantities […]

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eating yogurt

What Happens When You Eat Yogurt Every Day?

Yogurt is healthy and should be enjoyed every day. But what are the positive effects? Yogurt is considered a fountain of youth. The fermented milk delicacy is a superfood, packed full of nutrients that the body needs: proteins, proteins, vitamins, calcium, probiotic bacteria, and a lot more. Most of us also enjoy a yogurt every now and […]

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bad breath

What Can Help With Bad Breath?-Effective Help

Bad breath is uncomfortable, especially for the other person. But bad breath can have various causes. We’ll tell you what they are and how you can do something about them with natural home remedies. According to the Society for Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine, 25 percent of the population suffers from bad breath. This can have different […]

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girl eating

What Food Can Do To Your Body?

Our food is not just a necessary source of energy. The nutrients, vitamins, minerals, or fats that are included in a balanced diet, support also our general health and fitness. And those who only eat junk food will experience the opposite effect. But quite ordinary, everyday foods can also develop side effects that one would […]

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