6 Harmonious Christmas Tips For Couples

The Christmas season is often stressful and not very reflective. But that need not be. We present six tips for less stress and more romance. It should actually be the most contemplative time of the year, and Christmas often turns out to be stressful. Cozy hours for two often fall by the wayside between all the preparations, family expectations, and […]

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5 DIY Ideas For Christmas Gifts

Are you looking for a personal gift idea for Christmas or are you just running late, like every year? Give it a try with handcrafted attention! We have some ideas for you, with which you can create unique gifts that come from the heart, even as a beginner. The closer you get to Christmas Eve, the […]

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decorating diy jars

4 Beautiful DIY Ideas For The Christmas Season

Would you like to decorate for Christmas – without spending a lot of money? Just make your decoration yourself! We have four DIY ideas for you that are easy to make, cheap, and sustainable. Paint winter wonderland on the window With glass board recorders or chalk markers, you can quickly and easily conjure up beautiful Christmas scenery at your […]

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