Best 12 Tattoos With Deep Meaning-Tattoos With Symbolization


Each tattoo has an individual meaning. And yet there are motifs that have a general statement. We present the most popular tattoo symbols and their meanings to you here.

Tattoos have long ceased to be an entertaining trend. Both self-created and well-known tattoo motifs have been booming for several years.

No wonder that tattoo newbies, in particular, can wonder which one is right for them. Whether fonts, images, or symbols – the choice is huge. But with body jewelry, which in the best case scenario stays on the skin for a lifetime, it is all the more important that it has a beautiful and deep meaning.

For example, a very personal tattoo with meaning would be the name of your children or an important family member. Also, a beautiful saying in handwriting from the loved one or mom is a tattoo with deep meaning.

But there is another way: Tattoo symbols are ideal for everyone who does not believe in personal writing on their skin and still wants a meaningful motif. We have compiled the most beautiful 12 tattoo motifs and what’s behind them for you.

Sun tattoo

sun tattoo
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The sun is the origin of life and thus stands for fertility and life. In addition, due to its energetic properties, it is also seen as a source of power. Depending on your taste, the sun tattoo fits perfectly as a larger tattoo between the shoulder blades or as a small symbol on the wrist or ankle.

Cross tattoo

cross tattoo
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The meaning of a cross tattoo seems to be relatively clear. First and foremost, the wearer shows his connection to the Christian faith. But much more interesting is the meaning behind the cross itself:

The horizontal line represents the earth, while the vertical line is intended to represent the sky. The cross, therefore, stands for the connection between these two levels. The ideal place on the skin: a filigree tattoo on the finger.

Anchor tattoos

anchor tattoo

The anchor is one of the most popular tattoo symbols ever. No wonder given the number of meanings.

It not only stands for protection and support but is also a symbol of home and return. As can hardly be expected otherwise, the anchor has its origin in seafaring. Among sailors of the 19th century, it was a sign that the Atlantic had been crossed.

Some also see the tattoo as a symbol of longing for the sea and for adventure. The anchor fits perfectly as a filigree tattoo on wrists or feet, but also in a larger version on lower legs or arms.

Love symbol

love tattoo
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Like no other motif, the heart is a clear symbol of love. If it is also given a name, it is intended to show affection for the loved one.

But be careful: That should be carefully considered because if love does not last, the removal of the tattooed name is more painful than the broken heart itself. There are no limits to your imagination when placing this tattoo. No matter if a small heart behind the ear or a larger motif on the forearm.

Star tattoos

star tattoo
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Not all stars are created equal – there are quite a few variants of this popular tattoo symbol that have a wide variety of meanings. From the nautical star to the star of David to the classic star tattoo, the variety is great.

What they all have in common is that they point to something mystical and intangible and embody the vastness of the cosmos. An arrangement of several small stars next to each other, for example on the wrists, is particularly popular.

Triangle tattoos

triangle tattoo
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There are a few myths surrounding the meaning of the triangle tattoo. On the one hand, it is supposed to represent the four elements: water, when the tip of the triangle points downwards; Fire when it faces up; and if the triangles are crossed with a line, they mean earth and air. Another theory is that the inseparable triangle represents human nature. The three lines are supposed to represent the soul, spirit, and body of the person.

Without a doubt, both meanings of the tattoo have their charms. And the geometric, clear lines should definitely be presented. This is best done on the arm or in the neck.

Rose tattoo

rose tattoo
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Like the heart, the rose is a powerful symbol of love. But it also depends a little on how you portray it. Red roses primarily represent passion and love. Roses with thorns, on the other hand, mean that one has also associated pain with love. White roses, in turn, represent innocence, purity, and loyalty.

The rose is the ideal motif to put a tattoo on the body sometimes bigger. Parts of the body like the belly or the upper abdomen are perfect for this tattoo symbol.

Wolf tattoos

wolf tattoo
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The wolf is a strong animal and usually carries exactly this meaning as a tattoo. It stands for power and strength, but also for protection and loyalty. On the other hand, the wolf is also a symbol of individuality.

The lonely wolf likes to spend time alone and thus shapes his life according to his wishes. This proud animal must be shown. Large areas such as the back are therefore best suited for a tattoo. The wolf also comes into its own on the thigh.

Butterfly tattoos

butterfly tattoo
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Quite different, however: the butterfly. This delicate insect represents rebirth, change, and beauty. Just like the caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

With this tattoo symbol, the wearer shows that a new beginning is imminent or that one has surpassed oneself in a difficult situation. Big or small, this is also a matter of taste. This tattoo on the arms or on the shoulder becomes an absolute eye-catcher.

Bird tattoo

two birds tattoo
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One of the most popular bird tattoos worldwide is the swallow tattoo. The swallow motif originally comes from seafaring, because around 200 years ago it gave sailors the feeling of home and hope. Swallows showed the seafarers exactly that land was nearby. Today the swallow also stands for solidarity and love between two people or as a symbol for freedom.

If you are brave, you can get this tattoo large on the chest or thigh. The swallow also looks good as a small symbol on the wrist or medium-sized on the chest or on the forearm.

Key tattoos

key tattoo
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The key is a symbol of power and secrets. Whoever has the key has access to the inside – to your heart, your soul, or your secrets.

The representation of the key is just as versatile as your inner, emotional world: from filigree to full-surface motifs in romantic flourishes, everything is conceivable.

Infinity tattoo

infinity tattoo
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The symbol of infinity is highly individual. It can remember for eternal love, belief in eternity, or an eternal friendship. This symbol stands for a cycle that will never end.