Which Jobs Have The Best Salary In Norway – Norway Minimum Wage

Which Jobs Have The Best Salary In Norway – Norway Minimum Wage

Working in Norway can be tough for a lot of people who are just getting started on their first job ever. Also, if you do not speak Norwegian you might have a hard time navigating and getting through the work sector. Keep on reading as we discuss some of the best-paid jobs, good opportunities, as well as stats about the market that may intrigue you. This way, you will get informed about all the crucial aspects and prepare yourself for that next big job interview.

Job opportunities & country standards

Did you know that Norway’s job market is very healthy as 70% of the population is in the labor force? A lot of people work around nine hours a day (on average), with a weekly quote of 40 hours per week, which is considered to be a highly functional & wanted system. The gross average annual salary in Norway is 636,690 NOK or around 69,150 USD.

What to do if you’re a foreigner?

If you are wondering how to get a job in Norway as a foreigner, you must first ensure you meet the requirements and eligibility for working in Norway. Not everyone is allowed to have a working status, which means that you have to meet certain criteria in the long run. This also applies to your permit, language certification, etc.

Resume & CV tips

img source: okma-advies.nl

Do not use the same CV that you’ve reused and submitted before. It is always crucial to tailor & adjust your new information or facts based on your new job, as well as requirements that a manufacturer wants from you Here are some crucial tips:

Limit your CV to one or two pages maximum, no one prefers lengthy & time-consuming paperwork.

Insert the information of your first & last name, place of living, email, phone number & date of birth. In some, your marital status and number of children are also vital.

Include your education history.

Talk about your workshop & certificates of any sort.

Add your leisure activities, interests, and hobbies.

Key tips when it comes to your interview

Congratulate yourself if you have made it to this stage of the interview process since not a lot of people can get to this level. If you are nervous, here are some ways on how to calm yourself down:

You should prepare yourself for any big questions in regards to the company

Talk about your experience

Be quick & swift on your feet, especially if you’re asked about any gaps in your CV

Dress-up professionally

Shake hands with confidence & keep an eye contact

Top 8 jobs with the best salary in Norway

Doctors or surgeons: 1,050,000 NOK to3,620,000 NOK

img source: aamc.org

Surgeons are well-respected, highly-loved & well paid within this industry. This is also one of the most stressful jobs according to people around the world. Why is that? Well, it is a high-risk job that requires years & years of sacrifice. You need to have extensive & detailed knowledge, as well as steady hands & calm nerves. If you are on your way to becoming a surgeon or a doctor, good luck & know that it is well worth it.

Judge: 880,000 NOK to3,040,000 NOK

img source: talkovlaw.com

Judges earn quite high salaries because of all the big & huge responsibilities that come with the job. This is also a high-risk job, which means that not everyone can do it without feeling nervous about the process itself. You as a judge will have someone’s fate in your hands, which means that the job itself is stressful & risky.

A Lawyer: 712,000 NOK to2,460,000 NOK

img source: smallbizdaily.com

It is not easy being a lawyer, and for a lot of people this job is stressful and time-consuming, while for some it can get pretty emotional. Lawyers earn a lot thanks to percentage or commission payments, as well as due to their power to work around the system while leaving you with the best possible outcome (that does come at a price).

Bank manager: 670,000 NOK to2,320,000 NOK

bank manager
img source: i0.wp.com

Bankers, managers, or bank employees often have a lot of responsibilities on their backs. They will have to work with millions in funds and investments, which means that the job itself is high risk and it has a huge impact on hundreds of people. The school for it & college costs are not easy or affordable, which justifies its rocky path. Norway banks are some of the best in the world, which justifies their sky-high salary.

A chief executive: 628,000 NOK to2,170,000 NOK

img source: javatpoint.com

Being CEO is a fun occupation for most people. This sector allows you to work in teams, take risks, as well as set-up an example while leading your team in the right direction. You can become a chief executive with any company that needs your position, while your main goal and dominant field should be HR & economy.

An orthodontist: 566,000 NOK to1,960,000 NOK

orthodontist checking
img source: thesuperdentists.com

This industry and occupation is one of the best paid for in the world. This is because an orthodontist helps with your oral health, teeth & gum while fixing crooked teeth and doing complex surgeries. They are in charge of your mood, confidence, as well as mini makeovers, which is why they are as respected. This is a high-cost industry as well.

College professors: 503,000 NOK to1,740,000 NOK

college professor
img source: careergirls.org

College professors are more paid than high-school professors or teachers. This is because they have been through an excessive program, college & classes while being seen as having high revenue generator programs. They also have to be people persons, with a lot of patience & free time for flexible classes or hectic work schedule.

Pilots: 419,000 NOK to1,450,000 NOK

img source: ichef.bbci.co.uk

On our final list of the top-paid occupations in Norway, we have pilots! Mostly known to be an exciting carer choice, as well as an occupation that involves a lot of training. They are responsible for thousands of people on a daily, which is why their school programs & training are so extensive & complex.

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