Which Jobs Have The Best Salary In Switzerland – Switzerland Minimum Wage


Have you ever thought about the reasons why one job is paid more than the other ones? What makes a salary high or low? When it comes to salaries, we all want to work for a company (or own a company) that would provide us with a lifestyle that we dream about, and that would allow us to make our dreams come true. However, there is no such thing as a tip or trick that would work for everyone. That being said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the most Googled questions is the question regarding matters such as how to get a highly paid job, how to get rich, and how to make money fast. But is it really possible to land the job of your dreams, no matter what qualifications you have? The answer depends on your experience, background, education, and skills, rather than luck. But there is one more element or factor that needs to be added to the list. That is – the country you live in or the marketplace where you are trying to market yourself. 

When choosing their major, or when deciding about their life call, people usually think about numerous reasons why they should indulge in an industry. One of the most important factors is definitely the salary. Being an investment banker or a professional athlete are completely different things, yet both can be extremely profitable and are (at the same time) one of the top 5 careers when it comes to lucrative opportunities. Of course, being an investment banker in the US and in Europe for example could never be the same thing, which is why it needs to be treated differently. Every country has different standards, requirements, and opportunities, which is one of the biggest reasons why people decide to move from one place to another. Simply put, people are in pursuit of better opportunities, especially business opportunities, contacts, and logically – careers. 

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If you want to have a great work-life balance, and you have the ability to travel or to move to a different country, then some of the countries you should aim for are countries such as Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, or Costa Rica. However, if your biggest goal is to have the highest salary possible, then you should move to countries such as Liechtenstein, Germany, the UK, the US, or Iceland; or the country that has been proven to be the number one on the list of countries with the highest salaries in the world, and that is – Switzerland.

What is so special about Switzerland and why does this country offer so many opportunities for people? According to redseastar.com, this country has a fantastic economy and business infrastructure that allows companies to thrive. It is a great country for investing and investors, whether they are local or they are foreigners. Another important factor to mention is the one regarding the skills and qualifications of employees. When it comes to the majority of employees, it’s easy to say that they are highly skilled, educated and there are innumerable professionals in the field. With such a workforce, it seems like every company can find a place under the sun and do business successfully. Also, another very important element is the fact that this country doesn’t have that many regulatory issues and problems, and it’s not that complex, especially when compared to other EU countries, and this is something that makes it easier for worldwide companies and businesses, both big and small. Although this country is known for its high competitiveness, it is also famous for its stability in the economy and politics. 

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According to several surveys, the highest paid jobs in Switzerland in 2021 are engineering and IT jobs, and other than that, military jobs such as being a military officer are in second place when it comes to the yearly salary, which goes up to $90k dollars per year. It’s important to mention that there is no such thing as a fixed, legally regulated minimum wage in this country, but it is widely known that this country’s minimum wage is higher than all the other countries in Europe and goes between $4k and $6k a month. If you are a lawyer, you can expect a monthly salary that can go up to $10k a month in this country, and if you are a doctor, this amount can go up to $20k a month! It seems like this country offers a lot for workers who are experienced and possess valuable skills. It is the perfect place for feeling appreciated. 

Teachers are being paid somewhere between $6k and $7k a month, and this is also a job position many people aim for since there is a high demand for teaching jobs in this country. Auditors are also highly valued, such as engineers and IT specialists, and they can expect up to $11k a month for their work.

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When calculating the minimum wage in any country, there are several things you should take into consideration and those things are your experience, education, and training as well as the field of your expertise. That being said, if you are in construction, your expected monthly wage could be around $6k, while artists and entertainers can expect almost the same amount of money on a monthly basis! Another profession that falls into this 6k category is social workers, who can also expect this amount of money every month, on their bank accounts. 

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If you are a marketer, or you are trying to get into the marketing field, useful information for you is the info that a marketing specialist has an annual salary of nearly $91k! There are several jobs at the bottom of the list such as postal officers or graphic designers, and they currently have a monthly salary of $5k, while an IT professional can get cozy with its $120k a month. 

Finally, one of the things about Switzerland that amazes people is their dedication to endorsing women’s rights and fighting for gender equality. In this area, they are the leaders, not only in Europe but in the world as well, and it is on the rise.