Which Are The Best Tech Gifts to Give This Holiday Season?


As technology gets more advanced, the more it seems like magic. Contactless payments with smartwatches? Immersive gaming with VR? Voice-activated household appliances? Tech is helping us do it all. And the more it can do, the more we want to get our hands on it. In fact, millions of consumers worldwide spent over USD 461 billion on traditional and emerging tech this year — an almost USD 40 billion increase from 2020. As the year draws to a close and you embark on your annual holiday shopping journey, you might be one of those millions looking to gift your loved ones with cutting-edge devices.

But with so many options, where should you begin? We’ve got you covered with this exhaustive list of the best tech gifts to give this holiday season.

UV wireless charger

With fears about COVID still very much alive, you and your loved ones may be thinking about all the possible ways it could be transmitted to you. Given that you’re always on your smartphone, it can actually get pretty dirty — in fact, dirtier than the average toilet seat. You can help change all that by gifting wireless chargers with UV-C chambers. These use UV light to disinfect your phone while it charges and you’re (hopefully) not using it. Some of the best ones on the market today include those offered by Samsung and PhoneSoap.


e bike
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If you know someone who’s athletic and is passionate about curbing the climate crisis, an e-bike from Aventon or VanMoof would be the perfect gift. But isn’t biking already eco-friendly? Think again. E-bikes’ rechargeable batteries can give you “pedal assist,” so you can keep going at a fast pace even as you rest, and go uphill without having to get down and walk your bike along. Ultimately, you’ll get to your destination faster and less sweaty. This makes the e-bike a viable and much healthier alternative to motorcycles and cars. As an added bonus, you’ll be helping others cut down on their carbon footprints significantly.

Bluetooth sunglasses

bluetooth sunglasses
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Do you have an acquaintance who keeps losing their AirPods when they’re out and about? Save them time and money by gifting them a pair of sunglasses. That’s right: brands like Bose and Amazon now offer sunglasses that can play music and receive calls at the same time. These sunglasses use Bluetooth to connect to devices like smartphones. Sound will then be directed to speakers located right behind your ears. This means users can go jogging or cycling while listening to songs, podcasts, or audiobooks — and still be fully aware of their surroundings. Hopefully, your recipient doesn’t lose these, either.

Smart rings

smart rings
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We all know about smartwatches, but what if we told you that you can get the same benefits in a niftier package? Thanks to a high-density interconnect PCB, smart rings pack more power into their significantly tinier dimensions. Just like smartwatches, they can monitor vitals like heart rate and blood pressure with surprising accuracy. Smart rings also have NFC tags or chips that help with contactless payments and opening smart locks. They can even act as a remote control for everything from smartphones to TVs, ensuring users only look at screens when they need to. Loved ones who have a taste for understated jewelry may enjoy the offerings from Oura or McLear.

Car health monitor

Do you know friends who have no idea what goes on under the hood, or don’t understand what all those funny symbols on the dashboard mean? You can give them a device that can diagnose the health of their vehicle. Car health monitors can interpret the signals on the dash, offer possible solutions to automotive woes, and even give estimates on how much possible fixes will cost. Since these devices are designed to be as effective as the mechanics of the diagnostic tool use, users can determine what the problem is without needing to head to the car shop — and know when it’s time to seek professional help. Some need to be plugged into your car, while others can be controlled via an app. Foxwell and Nonda offer some of the best monitors on the market today.

Smart notebooks

smart notebook
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We all know that person who hoards notebooks but never uses them. A cutting-edge version may motivate them to write more though — and maybe even encourage them to never buy another one. With a smart notebook, users can write their notes by hand and access them remotely later on. Some notebooks come in smart writing sets with electronic pens that can scan and upload your notes as you write. Meanwhile, others offer scannable pages that can be used endlessly. As long as it’s written on with an erasable pen, users can pop it into the microwave to get their notebook as good as new. Moleskine and Rocketbook offer the best in their category, so go check them out!

Self-heating mugs

self-heating mug
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A common inconvenience, especially in colder months, is the need to constantly reheat your mug of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa whenever it gets cold. If you have a warm drink-loving friend, they’ll surely appreciate a smart mug this holiday season. Self-heating mugs usually come with a rechargeable saucer that keeps drinks hot for up to two hours, and some allow you to set your desired temperature from an app. Brands like Ember even alert you to when your drink reaches your ideal temperature, while Muggo offers the same concept in a tumbler for busy people on the go.

Self-growing gardens

Your loved ones who don’t have green thumbs — but sorely wish they do — maybe ecstatic when they find out you’ve gotten them a smart indoor garden for the holidays. These self-sufficient gardening systems come in pots that automate watering and lighting to give every kind of plant the unique care it needs. Also known as pod gardens, they even have self-contained pod seeds, so all users need to do is literally sit back and watch their plants grow. Offerings from brands like Click & Grow and Aerogarden range from herbs to flowers. Meanwhile, you can turn to Gardyn or Rise for more extensive hydroponic options.

There are so many interesting gadgets to give this holiday season. With countless items to choose from, you’re sure to find a present for whatever interest your loved ones may have. Want more features like this? You can check out the tech category here on Red Sea Star.