How To Get Rid Of The Sweet Poison?

How To Get Rid Of The Sweet Poison?

Sugar is a real addictive substance. That is why it can be advisable to do a so-called “Sugar Detox”. Here’s how to survive withdrawal.

Everyone knows how unhealthy sugar is: Not only does it damage our teeth in the extreme form of sugar addiction, it also provides superfluous calories, disrupts the metabolism, and can lead to diseases such as diabetes and even cancer. Avoiding sugar is therefore a logical idea.

Not that easy, however, when there is sugar hidden in many foods that you don’t even think about – for example in spicy sauces and dressings.

Sugar increases blood pressure and fuels inflammation in the body. But what is even more difficult is weaning off the sweet poison.

Radical renunciation is most effective

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The New York nutritionist Lorraine Kearney explains that there is no alternative to cold withdrawal, i.e. a complete renunciation. A little less doesn’t help – or it doesn’t work anyway.

In order to get used to the enjoyment of sugar, the taste experience must be canceled without replacement, only then will it work.

You should avoid any form of synthetic sugar, including sweeteners. Sugar substitutes are also harmful and would sabotage your sugar withdrawal and even fuel cravings.

Fruit with its natural sugar, on the other hand, is allowed. Try to only eat homemade food so that you have control over the ingredients.

Lorraine Kearney recommends a 21-day detox program that is not easy, but after a few days, it brings noticeable changes that will motivate you.

However, you will not be spared withdrawal symptoms.

Sugar detox: these are the symptoms

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“The first three to five days are the hardest because the body detoxifies,” says Lorraine Kearney in the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’. Headaches, muscle aches, tiredness, and repeated cravings for sweets occur in most people, dizziness, insomnia, and tremors are also possible.

One of her clients was doing so badly that he vomited, reveals Lorraine Kearney.

“After five days it feels like a weight is being lifted from your shoulders,” promises the expert.

It is important that you eat healthy and adequate food the entire time: eat whole grain products and fresh vegetables and also have some fruit and almonds ready for in between when you feel cravings. You can have all of this conveniently delivered to your home, for example with the delivery service from Rewe. With our partner CHIP, you will find all current discounts for your Rewe order. Click here for the Rewe vouchers.

Your blood sugar should remain as stable as possible because if it isn’t, you will have an appetite for sweets.

“When your blood sugar isn’t balanced, cravings set in. It is a sign that the time between meals was too long and that the body is now demanding energy – make sure that it is as balanced as possible, ”warns the nutritionist.

The withdrawal of sugar is primarily a matter of the mind

If the thought of sugar grabs you and doesn’t let go, ask yourself if it’s really about the sugar or if there is something else behind it – boredom, anger, excitement, or sadness, for example. Sugar addiction is often closely linked to our emotions and it is worth unraveling this connection!

If the urge to eat something sweet is difficult to suppress, consider drinking a glass of water, going for a walk, meditating, or doing fitness. “Get your endorphins going!” Advises Lorraine Kearney.

Sugar Detox: The first week is the hardest

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Once the bad first days are over, after about a week you will feel that you are feeling better and, for example, you can concentrate better.

After ten days of consistently avoiding sugar, your taste experience will even change. After a sugar withdrawal, sweets and sodas will soon taste far too sweet!

After 15 days you will have reached the top of your performance and you will be fully aware of your digestion again. You will find it easier to distinguish between real hunger and appetite. You can feel when your body needs food and which food is good for you. You managed!

After 21 days you can eat out again and if there is a little sugar in a meal, it won’t set you back. Make sure to continue to eat consciously and not fall into the sugar trap again.

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