This Is How You Relieve Burn Pain

This Is How You Relieve Burn Pain

A boiling saucepan, a hot baking sheet – small burns occur in the kitchen. Then quick help is called for.

It often happens because we are too routine in the kitchen or being distracted. If we thoughtlessly touch the whistling kettle, we burn our fingers. Holding your hand under cold water immediately is a tried and tested method of relieving the stabbing pain. But that’s not the only home remedy that works.

Soothe the burn

soothe the burn
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Cooling and moisture quickly alleviate the throbbing pain. Cut a raw potato in half and place half on the burn. The juice soothes the spot. A banana peel does the same thing, but leave it on the wound for at least five minutes. A paste made of baking soda and water also helps against the first pain.

Relieve pain

applying cream
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After the initial shock, it’s all about fighting the pain. To do this, dip a tea bag in ice-cold water and place it on the burned area. A clean cloth soaked in vinegar or apple cider vinegar – preferably cold – also helps immediately. An onion that you rub over the sore spot will not only reduce the pain but also prevent burn blisters from forming.

Support healing

oil for burns
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Please do not smear fat on the burn wound during the acute phase of the burn. That would only keep the heat in and make the pain worse. But after that, olive or coconut oil can accelerate healing. Honey, known for its antiseptic properties, has the same effect.

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