The Golden 20s Are Back!- This Is How You Style The Trend

The Golden 20s Are Back!- This Is How You Style The Trend

Sequins, silk dresses, and Co. are spotted on the streets again – we are sure the golden 20s are back. But this time with a modern twist. We’ll show you which trend pieces are particularly popular and how you can style them.

The 1920s, the Roaring Twenties, stands for glamor, Charleston, and joie de vivre. It was a time of lavish parties with lots of glitter and champagne. 

Also in fashion, because shimmering sequins and wild fringed dresses are distinguishing features of the golden 20s. Now the 20s have dawned again and the fashion world is promptly bringing back the trends of the Roaring Twenties.

These 5 it-pieces of the 20s are back in trend! At a time when women were emancipating themselves in fashion for the first time, pantsuits in the Marlene Dietrich style were also part of the wardrobe. The clothes became shorter and showed legs for the first time. Today women’s equality is more advanced, and so is fashion. That’s why the fashion of the roaring 20s is cooler, wilder, and, above all, more modern this year. The adjustment was yesterday! 

Modern sequin dresses for glamorous parties

dresses fir glamorous parties
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In the roaring 20s, sequin dresses were mostly worn knee-length in the midi style. That is changing now because this year we are wearing sequin dresses in short and as glamorous as possible. 

The perfect outfit for exuberant parties should be combined with simple make-up, little jewelry, and monochrome shoes. Because here the sequins are clearly the focus. 

Chunky loafers in a simple design

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The simple lace-up shoes are now worn with thick soles and as bulky as possible. The design remains simple, however, in black and white or with silver or gold details. Loafers go particularly well with casual jeans, wide culottes or calf-length dresses. 

Pantsuits in the Marlene Dietrich style

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The acting icon and singer Marlene Dietrich shaped the golden 20s. Don’t forget the style icon’s simple trouser suits. 

This year, pantsuits are more popular than ever, especially in the monochrome tone-on-tone look. Instead of plain black and white as in the Roaring Twenties, the two-piece suits are now worn in light pastel colors. 

Bell hats like great Gatsby

bell hat
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The rounded bell hats with a raised brim were mainly worn with short bob cuts in the 1920s. Now the fancy hats are back. Not so round, however, but in a more angular bucket hat shape. 

Long silk slip dresses

silk slip dress
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The silk dress was already a big trend in summer and will also dress us in the colder months of the year. You won’t get cold under oversize blazers or over turtleneck shirts. 

The silk sheen in midi length is reminiscent of dresses from the 1920s. High boots with flat, chunky or high heels go particularly well with this. The long silk dress is given a negligee style by the lace trim. 

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