Alexandra Blankenbiller: Tiktok Star Died Of Covid 19 Disease

Alexandra Blankenbiller: Tiktok Star Died Of Covid 19 Disease

Tiktok star Alexandra Blankenbiller died of Covid at the age of 31. Before that, she sent a heartbreaking vaccination appeal to her fans from her hospital bed.

Meghan Alexandra Blankenbiller died of Covid on August 24th. Before that, the 31-year-old TikToker recorded a heartbreaking video from her hospital bed in which she urges her followers to get vaccinated. “Because then, when you are vaccinated and get Covid, you will hopefully not become like me in the hospital land, okay? ” Meghan Alexandra Blankenbiller died nine days after this recording.

In the two-minute video that is shown on her Tiktok account, the 31-year-old struggles with the words. “I shouldn’t have waited,” she says. “If you’re even 70 percent convinced, get vaccinated, don’t wait.” And further: “I am not vaccinated.” She is not a vaccination opponent, but she wanted to be vaccinated with her family. “I was scared and I wanted us all to do it together. I think that was a mistake.”

Tiktok star Alexandra Blankenbiller had already made an appointment for the vaccination

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Tragically, Meghan Alexandra Blankenbiller had already arranged a vaccination appointment with her mother and her two sisters, which she could no longer attend because she fell ill, as her sister Rahel told the magazine “People”. “Her last video shows her what she was like, a person who uses his last days to help others.”

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