The Best Tips For A Tidy Home

The Best Tips For A Tidy Home

“Show me your home and I’ll tell you who you are!” However: who likes to show his personal inclination to chaos? So that you don’t have to do that at all, you can use these simple tricks to keep things tidy!

Creating order, keeping it, and cleaning out superfluous things has been popular since the Netflix series revolving around the Marie Kondo hype. And anyone who has tried it once should be able to confirm that saying goodbye to chaos creates a whole new attitude towards life. But how does that actually work? Need a little inspiration? Gladly! With the following tips, the chaos in any room will soon be a thing of the past…

On the balcony: raffia baskets

raffia baskets
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Do you spend most of your time on the balcony in summer? Good this way! So that everything is ready to hand for urban gardening, the mild summer evening or the next barbecue party, a lot accumulates here too in the warm months. All the better that you can easily create order and the right flair with trendy raffia baskets in boho style.

In small rooms: hanging baskets

hanging baskets
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Small room – a big problem with space? It doesn’t have to be. If there is hardly any space for storage space on the wall, it has to be created under the ceiling. Well, at least visually … With hanging baskets you also use the space cleverly. It is then up to you whether small parts, kitchen utensils, or snacks are stored in it.

In the living room: couch tables

living room table
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Especially when children live in the household, the kitchen table, but also the couch table, becomes the linchpin of family life. Here people paint, snack, and play. Chaos is inevitable. Furniture combinations that also use the space under the table with drawers are therefore very valuable for keeping things tidy. Important: Open constructions optically only create more chaos, so it is better to rely on designs with drawers.

In the basement: folding boxes

folding boxes
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“This is going to the cellar!” – and a lot disappears from view. It’s just stupid that it also accumulates a lot in the basement. Creating order, sorting things out, or even selling them can become laborious and time-consuming over time. This is where folding boxes come into play. The highlight: when they are needed, they can be stacked. When they are not in use, they hardly take up any space when folded. Sent!

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