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11 Tips for Throwing a Cooking Party In 2021

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A famous proverb claims, “The way through a person’s heart is through his stomach.” In case you are looking forward to throwing a cooking party, you must be aware of a few tips.

Remember to use healthy and fresh raw food materials. Stale food releases certain chemicals that are not fit for consumption. Consumption of stale food may lead to food poisoning, acidity, and other health-related issues.
However, a cooking party is so much more than just cooking. It would help if you considered a lot of other factors. Now, the concept of throwing cooking party interests many people. So, let us discuss a few tips for throwing cooking parties. A few tips for fabulous cooking parties are as follows:

Prepare a list of guests:

The host needs to prepare a list of the guests a few weeks before the party. It is the hosts’ responsibility to invite the guests personally so that they may plan and save the date.

Last-minute preparations: Food like chocolate cake goes stale very soon. So, such food should be the last ones to be prepared and kept at room temperature. Manicotti needs to be prepared just before serving. The fruit bowl needs to be taken out of the fridge and placed on the table just before the party. Drinks need to be served at the last moment too.

Serving tricks:

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A closed carton of ice cream needs to be soaked in a big bowl containing ice water for 15-30 seconds. Then, it needs to be inverted into a huge platter. Finally, the ice cream needs to be sliced using a hot knife. Also, the blades need to be kept under hot water for a few seconds before using them to cut hotcakes.

Many people are afraid of the broth going stale. To prevent such wastage, broth may be kept in ice cube trays. Veteran chefs pour leftover wine in Ziploc bags to prevent them from going stale.

The Ziploc bags, full of leftover wine, must be stored in the fridge, to be used later. They must also pour water on guacamole to prevent it from becoming brown. People often keep bread in a container full of brown sugar. It keeps the bread soft and prevents it from getting clumped up.

Many people love a mug of hot chocolate during the monsoons. Or in winter. Experienced chefs have a hack ready for it. They heat a cup of milk for approximately two minutes in a microwave. Then, they mix two or three truffles in it and stir. Thus, we have a steaming mug of hot chocolate in front of us when it is raining cats and dogs outside.

A cup of oil and an egg are placed in a glass jar. After that, the blender is turned on. The mixture of oil and egg is blended from bottom to top until mayo gets prepared. The cook needs to use very little oil to cook the dishes. Baked dishes are healthier than fried ones. Fruit juices may replace sodas or other fizzy drinks.

Prepare bite-sized dishes:

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Cooking for a party of multiple people is a tedious task. So, it is better to prepare many bite-sized dishes. The guests may take a small scoop of every dish and then take big scoops of dishes they find tasty. It is faster to cook these bite-sized portions. It prevents wastage too. The bite-sized dishes provide a clear idea about the taste of food. People may stop eating when they want, without wasting food. Also, they may roam around and socialize while eating. The concept of sitting at a place to eat is being replaced by mobility. Such nutritious and bite-sized dishes reduce hunger pangs. People eat small quantities at regular intervals.

Cleaning-up is essential:

The hosts should not ignore the part where they have to clean up. Cleaning up is as important as cooking or eating meals. All that is well should end well too.

Crockery and cutlery:

The host needs to ensure that the guests are served from clean crockery and cutlery. It is an excellent idea to offer them unbreakable crockery and cutlery. The crockery and cutlery should not be chipped. Also, the host should ensure that all the crockery and cutlery are safe after the party.

Have different options:

Many of the guests who turn up may have recently turned Vegan or vegetarian. So, there should be suitable options so that they do not need to starve.

Premium-quality raw materials:

The vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish should be fresh. The hosts should personally buy them, to ensure that there is no compromise with the quality.

Seasonal food:

It seems ridiculous to treat the guests to peas in summer or jackfruits in winter. It is always a good idea to use seasonal ingredients while cooking.

Please keep it simple:

It is a harrowing experience to cook any complicated dish. It is wiser to cook simple dishes, which take up very little time.


The venue should be chosen wisely. The hosts should be able to reheat the food there or cook any extra food items without causing a stifling ambiance.


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Cooking parties provide an opportunity for family members to take a much-needed break. The members of the younger generation get the chance to be more familiar with each other through such informal gatherings. The culinary skills are sharpened. People experiment with new dishes and let their creative juices flow.

We also get familiar with the tastes of our beloved ones. Cooking is a skill that teaches us how to be accurate in calculations. Hence, cooking parties make us more organized and calculating. Organizing a cooking party requires strong planning skills. Throwing such parties teaches us the value of smart work. Cooking is not more about experimenting than being precise. A few hacks have been discussed here too.


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