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Celebrity Hairstyles-We Want These 4 Trend Hairstyles Of The Stars Too!

by Sarah Smith

We often see new hairstyle trends on the heads of the stars. We have put together 4 trend cuts with which you can give your hair a new pep.

Some celebrities change their hairstyles almost as often as their outfits. Sure: a new haircut attracts attention! Because that’s exactly what you want as a VIP: To be the center of attention. And we, too, get in the mood for a new hairstyle again when our favorite stars come up with a hairy update. Call your hairdresser because here are 4-star hairstyles that you just want to have.

Pixie Cut à la Emilia Clarke

emilia clarke, pixie cut

img source: i.pinimg.com

We know the actress Emilia Clarke as ” Daenerys Targaryen” from the series epic “Game of Thrones”. With almost white and almost endlessly long hair, she wanders through her kingdom. No question about it: this look suits her very well. But in her private life, Emilia Clarke wears a hairstyle that is really different in everything: with the pixie cut, she has chosen an absolute trend hairstyle. And she once again proved to us that a beautiful hairstyle doesn’t need long hair. And so the Pixie à la Emilia Clarke definitely makes it onto our list of ideas for our next visit to the hairdresser!

Hailey Baldwin Bieber wears a wob

hailey bieber wob

The name already gives it away: Somehow it has to be one of the countless variations of the bob. It is a waved bob, or simply a wob or simply – understandable for everyone – a bob with waves. Not only does the cut suits every woman and every face type, but also the styling and care of this hairstyle is child’s play. And so model Hailey Baldwin Bieber proves absolute style confidence in her hairstyle choice. And her hairstyle is also versatile: a little undone, a little out-of-bed, and 100 percent gorgeous. We want it too!

Bella Hadid with Fringe

bella hadid fringe

img source: i.pinimg.com

Ponies are mega-in again right now. Model Bella Hadid therefore makes our hearts beat faster with her new fringe. Her shoulder-length hair, the cheeky bangs that easily fall into her face – that’s just enchanting. Although the cut is quite simple, it looks absolutely classy and stylish to us. The fringe is suitable for everyday use, can be seen anywhere and is still really stylish. Plus: the fringe effortlessly conceals small blemishes and hides a dominant forehead.

Katy Perry likes it short

katy perry short hair

img source: media.glamour.com

Singer Katy Perry has always stepped out of line when it comes to hairstyles, fashion, or styling. And now again she has chosen the radical method and picked up the scissors (or let them grab them) and had a punky, spiky short hairstyle missed. The cheeky hairstyle makes Katy look a few years younger and looks great on her. The light blonde underlines the cheeky character of this trendy hairstyle and gives us the courage to freak out a bit when we visit the hairdresser next time and to take risks.

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