These 7 Trends Of The 90s Can Still Be Seen In 2021

These 7 Trends Of The 90s Can Still Be Seen In 2021

The 90s are back in fashion and they still look great on us. Snake print or choker – you’ll never go wrong with clothes from the 90s this season.

There are pieces of clothing that prove, even after 20 years, that really it pieces never go out of style. This season we’re spicing up our wardrobe with items that caused a sensation in the 1990s and the beginning of the new millennium. We have found the hottest pieces of clothing and show you how to combine them perfectly.

Pants with snake print – real leg flatterers

pants with snake print
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Snakeskin look trousers are just making a comeback. Especially when they are really tight, they ensure endless legs when they are combined correctly.

You wear this with trousers with a snake print:

Elegant shoes with heels and a tight-fitting black top are the perfect complement to trousers with a leather look. If you storm the dance floor in this outfit at a summer party, you’ll be the star of the evening in no time.

Crochet bags – playful look

Crochet bag
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The times in which we struggled with everyday fashion with mighty leather bags or tiny clutches are over for now. This season we are relying on delicate crochet bags that give us a girlish look by themselves.

The 90s bags are not as tiny and impractical as the clutches, but neither are they as voluminous as the big shoppers with whom we recently went on a shopping spree. The most important accessories can be easily stowed in such a bag. In addition, it is very light and therefore comfortable to wear.

This is how you combine the crochet bags

Your bag is playful – the rest of your look can be too. How about an airy summer blouse with a floral pattern? This goes well with classic blue jeans that you combine with espadrilles or casual sneakers. In this outfit, you can be seen at every summer party, but you are also well dressed during a shopping trip.

Lace-up dresses – for a sexy look

Lace-up dress
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Courageous fashionistas who like to show a lot of skin are now turning to lace-up dresses or overalls with sexy lacing. The thin straps with which these items of clothing are held together on the back or the stomach allow deep insights and look great on slim women. Unfortunately, little bacon pillows relentlessly reveal lace-up dresses or lace-up overalls. Nothing can be concealed in such items of clothing.

Lace-up dresses and corresponding overalls are worn

Lace-up dresses and overalls are sexy, but usually also quite elegant. How can they be combined? Ankle boots or pumps with high heels are suitable. And an elegant oversized jacket rounds off your appearance. The jacket is of course worn open. After all, we decided on the lace-up dress or the lace-up overalls in order to show as much skin as possible.

Colorful tops

colorful top
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In the dreary Corona year, we took a step backward in terms of fashion. Colorful tops, which can also have a funny print, are popular. Whether blouse or shirt – you won’t go wrong with a top in green, yellow, or pink this summer.

This is how we combine the tops

Your colorful top attracts everyone’s attention. You shouldn’t let it get irritated by too daring combinations. Simple white jeans are ideal for a colorful top. Strappy sandals and a casual denim jacket go well with them. In this outfit, you can wonderfully enjoy the day on the beach, but you are also well dressed in the street café. Colorful tops are suitable for every woman and can be worn by all age groups.

Belly chain – space for the youth

belly chain
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There is probably no fashion accessory that accentuates our core as much and looks as youthful at the same time as a sexy belly chain. Not only Jennifer Lopez (51) swore by it 20 years ago. At that time, numerous teenagers cavorted on the streets, who put their belly in a scene with the chain and thus stimulated the imagination of the viewer.

This is how you combine your belly chain

Even today, wearing a belly chain is the prerogative of young people, because your belly should really be flawless to wear this accessory. The belly chain is by no means worn over clothing. It should be a crop top. A mini skirt would be suitable. Chunky boots set the appropriate fashionable contrast. One last tip: It is an advantage if you have already enjoyed a few sunbaths before you put on this accessory. A darker complexion highlights it effectively.

Chokers – suitable addition to the belly chain

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The belly is perfectly staged with the chain, and of course, the neck cannot be missing. This season, like in the 90s, it is adorned with a tight-fitting chain that conjures up a real gooseneck in no time.

This is how you combine chokers

This accessory is also intended for the young woman who wears it, as it draws everyone’s attention to your flawless neck. The right clothing for the sexy chain corresponds to the one with which you have already combined your belly chain.

Clothing with feathers

dress with feathers
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As already mentioned: We are finally leaving the dreary corona blues behind us this summer. No wonder that the spring dresses and feather skirts from the 90s are celebrating a comeback.

The dresses with playful trimmings come in a wide variety of shapes. From mini dresses to classic robes, everything is included. This also applies to the skirts, some of which can hardly be shorter, while others reach down to the ankle. The variety of dresses allows women of all ages and with different figures to wear plumage or a corresponding skirt.

This is how you combine a feather dress and a feather skirt

These items of clothing are intended for the big show in the evening and should also be combined that way. Classic pumps or ballerinas made of leather are perfect. A stole or a beaded bolero is a wonderful addition to a plumage. With a feather skirt, a classic blouse rounds off your elegant appearance.

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