The Trendy Drink Is Finally Also Available Caffeine-Free

The Trendy Drink Is Finally Also Available Caffeine-Free

Instead of coffee with cocoa, the Dalgona cocoa now comes along. It’s caffeine-free but just as fluffy as the original – and therefore perfect for evening cravings.

Still hungry for something sweet in the evening? If you did a hard workout too late in the day or ate your dinner a little earlier than usual, it can happen that you get really hungry just before bed.

The danger of reaching for high-calorie sweets now is great. A chocolate bar does not have to be prepared and gives you energy quickly, but not sustainably.

Because unfortunately it often does not help against cravings, but only makes it worse.

Dalgona Coffee was yesterday

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With Dalgona cocoa, on the other hand, you satisfy your sweet tooth with significantly fewer calories and a lot more sustainably. Unlike the original, the Dalgona Coffee, the decaffeinated drink will not collide with your sleep.

In addition, Dalgona cocoa consists mainly of milk and protein, in addition to some cocoa powder and some sugar. Both provide you with proteins that bring about good satiety and, in this combination, satisfy your cravings instead of fueling them.

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