You Can Use These 3 Tricks To Tighten Your Pants!

You Can Use These 3 Tricks To Tighten Your Pants!

Finding perfectly fitting pants is very difficult. But instead of being desperate when buying, you can use little tricks to tighten the pants yourself. We’ll show you how it works.

Do you know that? The pants actually fit perfectly, only at the hips, waist, or in between they are still too wide. Instead of always having to wear a belt with this problem, you can use three simple tricks to tighten your pants.

The tricks are not only inconspicuous but also very easy to implement.

Tie a bow

TIE A BOW jeans
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Instead of using a belt, you can also use a thin ribbon or cloth. A shoelace, for example, also works as a band.

You pull the ribbon or cloth through the back three trouser loops on the back and finally tie a bow or tie a knot.

So you can not only tighten your pants individually but also have a special accessory. But it is important that the trousers have belt loops, otherwise, the trick will not work.

Tighten the pants with bobby pins

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Hairpins are small everyday companions that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, to make pants tighter.

Simply fold the pants at the waistband once so that they are tight enough. Then you fix the fold with a hairpin. The trick is guaranteed to hold. But it is important that the fabric of the pants is not too thick.

Use a safety pin

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The hacks shown so far have made the pants tighter in the back or on the side. You can also use this trick to make the pants tighter at the front. However, it only works with pants that are closed with a tick.

Just take a safety pin and put it in the front next to the trouser fastener. Then you push the closure into the needle. Your pants are already a bit tighter. Again, it is important that you use the trick on thin trousers so that the needle comes through the fabric.

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