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5 Common Types Of BBQ Grills And How To Choose The Best One -2021 Guide

by Sarah Smith
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If we take a closer look at how fast we live our lives and at what pace we do all the work, chores, and duties on a daily basis, it’s nothing unusual that stress is one of the main reasons for bad health. Living under so much pressure is far from easy, which is why no matter what you do and how many things and persons you are responsible for, you simply need to find some time for yourself, some time to relax. Now, some enjoy in a peaceful and quiet environment, somewhere where they can ease their mind, while others prefer to travel to some exciting new place, as that adrenaline that comes with meeting new people, culture, and customs simply cannot be compared to anything else in the world. 

Grilling, as the best way to spend some quality time outdoors

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Understandably, for all that, one needs a little bit more time, as traveling somewhere for just a day can actually cause more stress than gain, and even camping is usually at least a two-day activity. That is why everyone needs to find that special something that day can do as often as possible. Something that doesn’t require too much preparation time and something that you can do, well, let’s say, in your backyard. Take grilling, for example, as it is one of the best activities that you can do on the weekends, and it is also a great way to spend some quality time with those you hold dear, your friends and family. No wonder why there is so much hype over which BBQ Grills are the best, and the fact that the offer of these grills is vast also speaks volumes. 

They come in many shapes and sizes and choosing what kind suits you the most can take some time. Luckily, you have two options to make that choice easier, and you can find the best one right away or continue reading as we created the list of the top FIVE common types of BBQ grills that you will, hopefully, find more than helpful.

Gas barbecues

gas barbecue

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The first type that we will mention is probably the most popular one because it uses the most popular fuel – gas. When it comes to this type of grill, we can choose between two options of how we want to use it, and both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The first options are grills connected to the home’s natural gas supply line, which is their biggest advantage and disadvantage at the same time. Since they are connected to a supply line, it can be pretty challenging to move them around the house, so they usually need to have their own place and to stand there all the time.

On the other side, natural gas is the cheapest option since most people already use it in their homes, so we can prepare BBQ literally every day and not pay a lot for it. The second option is barbeque that uses propane instead of natural gas, and its biggest advantage is portability since we can move it all around the property without too much effort and thinking about connections. The main disadvantage is the cost of refilling the tank because it needs to be done occasionally, and it is more expensive than natural gas. Luckily, gas grills usually come with the possibility to use both options, so we do not need to make that difficult decision before the purchase.

Electric barbeques

electric bbq

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No one likes having to pay large electricity bills, but that shouldn’t be the reason for you to at least not consider buying an electric one as modern types don’t actually use that much power. The whole system about how it works is something you are already used to as it works the same as the stove, with one main difference, you can get an outdoor one meaning that you can enjoy the nature and fresh air while barbequing. One of the downsides that those who used electric grills mention often is the taste, as that smoky flavor is missing, but the fact that it is a much safer and easier option surpasses that.

Charcoal barbeques

charcoal bbq

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It is not possible to imagine some perfect grilled meat or cheese without that amazing smoky taste. Well, we can have this smell and taste thanks to charcoal grills, and because of that, they are the first pick for old-school grill masters. Preparing food on them requires some skills because it is not possible to set up the temperature and just sit and wait for the food to be done. It is necessary to light a fire first, put some charcoal in it, and wait until the charcoal reaches the right temperature for grilling. Once the temperature is right and we put food on it, it is still not done because it is crucial to check the food and the fire occasionally to make sure that everything is going right. It may be pretty challenging for beginners, but there is no person on the Earth that would not agree that food prepared on charcoal barbecues has the best smell and taste.

Infrared barbeques

infrared bbq

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Even though it is still a relatively new type, its usage and popularity speak for themselves. The whole system works because of radiation that heats the food on the grill’s grate. Of course, when something new emerges, there will always be skeptics, which is why some say that this type can never replace those we already use. One of the largest advantages of this type of grill is that you will prepare food much faster than with any other type.

Pellet barbeques

pellet bbq

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With the advance of technology, many things in our everyday life improved, and grills are certainly one of them. Pellet grills are one of the best ways that show how modern technology can make our lives easier and grilling a whole new experience. These grills have a small computer which you can use to set the temperature and prepare the meal without worrying that it will be too low or too high. The temperature can be changed whenever is necessary, which makes these barbeques great for preparing extraordinary meals that require special preparation. Besides that, you can even add the smoky flavor, which is characteristically only for charcoal grills, and make the dish even better. Although everything we mentioned sounds too good to be true, we also need to mention one flaw they have, and that flaw is the price. They are much more expensive than some other types of barbecues but still worth considering.

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