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How To Style Voluminous Curtain Bangs?

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The trend hairstyle of the year is now getting an upgrade: the outgrowing bangs become wafty curtain bangs. But styling is not that easy at all. Here you can find out how you can style the pony hairstyle without the help of the hairdresser at home.

Curtain bangs are the ideal solution for the transition between bangs and no bangs. The hairstyle is so popular that many people no longer use it as a temporary solution. A new trend now brings even more variety to the styling.

The Wafty Curtain Bangs is a wilder, more voluminous variant of the outgrowing pony and is reminiscent of 70s hair styling. The two parted pony parts almost hover over the face and are curved backward.

Wafty curtain bangs need a good cut as a basis

cut with bangs
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In order for the hairstyle to sit correctly, the hair should first be cut professionally at the hairdressers. This ensures that the pony that grows out becomes shorter towards the inside.

But after the first hair wash, the Wafty Curtain Bangs have to be styled yourself at home – and that’s not as easy as expected. You should plan some time and a few important products for styling.

This is how you can style wafty curtain bangs

wafty bangs
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After shampooing and before styling, you should always use a heat protectant spray to avoid damaging your hair. Now you have two options to style the Wafty Curtain Bangs: Either you use a round brush and a hairdryer or a heated round brush that combines both.

Pick up the strands of your bangs with one hand and twist them backward with the round brush. If you use a blow dryer, you can blow dry your hair in this position. The heated round brush dries the hair by itself.

So that the wafty curtain bangs hold better, you can finally wrap them back with a large hair curler for about ten minutes.

At the end of the day, two products ensure the perfect look

roller in bangs
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After you have removed the round brush and hair roller, the curtain bangs are perfect – but the styling is not over yet. You should also use hairspray so that the hairstyle stays in place all day.

A gloss spray that you spray onto your hair at the end can ensure a shiny look. In the beginning, styling the wafty curtain bangs will take some practice, but over time the hairstyle will sit faster and faster.

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