9 Quick Exercises That Only Require Your Body Weight- Wall Workout

9 Quick Exercises That Only Require Your Body Weight- Wall Workout

Do you need a little variety for your training? We have something for you! With our wall workout, you don’t need any extra equipment and you can still melt your extra kilos in nine quick exercises.

Logically, at a certain point in the middle of the corona lockdown, the usual home workouts become a bit monotonous and you and your muscles may long for new impulses!

But even those who have dumbbells at home may be happy about a change of perspective. With your head down and your feet in the air – or on the wall – you get this. In addition, gravity challenges your body in a very unusual way and your coordination and your sense of balance are also required.

All you need for the wall workout is 20 minutes and a free wall with space around you. To be on the safe side, you can place a fitness mat in front of it.

Make sure, however, that it does not slip away. If your wall is white – and you want it to stay that way – it’s best to train barefoot. So you have more grip than on socks.

Anyone who has an easy-care wall or trains outside simply puts on sports shoes.

Goals of the workout: muscles and fat burners

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Due to the choice of exercises and the speed, the workout is for advanced users and helps to set new training stimuli for muscle growth throughout the body.

In the handstand your arms, shoulders, and upper back are challenged, in the wall burpees the entire body is addressed and your legs and buttocks are hardened in the wall seat and hip thrusts – among other things. Don’t worry: we have built-in extra exercises for the abdomen – both the straight and oblique abdominal muscles are used here.

But that’s not all: By doing the workout together as high-intensity interval training (HIIT for short), you work in a high heart rate range all the time and it really boosts your fat burning.

The HIIT training mode

Ten exercises await you, all done on the wall. Each exercise lasts 30 seconds. The ten seconds in between serve less to breathe and more to move to the next position. There are two rounds: after the first, there is a longer break.

You will feel it pretty quickly: Your heart rate remains elevated throughout the workout – you can really accelerate with the wall jumps, mountain climbers, and wall burpees.

If it gets too much for you, you can take a break at any time or do the exercises low-impact – that is, significantly slower. Safety always comes first. Anyone who loses contact with the wall in the handstand position simply gets back in.

Very important: Warm-up well, in the video we show how, please do not skip this part. Take a good look at the exercise explanations, pause the video, and try out all the exercises at your own pace. When you feel safe, you’re ready to go: let’s go, let’s go!

The nine exercises in the wall work out in detail. In the warm-up, you can expect slow squats to mobilize the entire back of the body and back mobilization. In addition, you expand your chest, warm up your arms and shoulders. Then it starts with:

Wall jumps

wall jumps
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This is where you get warm – especially your thighs, bottom, and calves: bend your knees, touch the ground in front of you and jump as high as you can. At the top, you tap the wall briefly and land gently. Start over.

Wall seat with a heel lift

wall seat
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That was exhausting? Then sit down for a moment – in the air! Lean your entire back against the wall, your knees are at right angles and this is where you hold until your thighs shake!

If you want more, you can also train your calves by alternately lifting and lowering your heels.

Handstand push-up

handstand push-up
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Stand in front of the wall and do a handstand, lean your feet against the wall and hold them. If you have the strength, you can do little push-ups here, so you can carefully lower yourself with your arms and then push yourself up again powerfully. Make sure your back is straight, with shoulders away from ears.

Wall burpees

Now it gets a little tricky: You lean against the wall again but from the horizontal support position. First, you do a burpee: Jump up, land, get into the plank on the floor, and then, attention: don’t jump up again as you know it from the classic burpee, but first place your hands one after the other on the wall – so that you like a stretched mast is supported straight on the wall. Get back on the plank, jump up, and start over. Take a good look before you do it.

Triceps extension

triceps extension
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The good news: Your legs have a break. The bad: your arms don’t. This is where your arm extension is needed: Take a step away from the wall and lean against it with your arms straight – about shoulder-width apart.

Now let yourself slowly sink against the wall from the extended arm position. Push your elbows inwards: they stay close to your ears.

The movement is from the triceps, just let gravity prevail and keep your back straight. Come back powerfully to the starting position.

Wall mountain climbers

wall mountain climbers
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For the mountain climbers on the wall, go back to the handstand position, supporting yourself with your feet on the wall. Now try to pull one knee towards your body alternately towards your stomach. It looks easier than it is. This is how the classic abdominal exercise becomes a full-body exercise!

You may well lose your center of gravity and be out of touch with the wall. Then land gently and come back to the handstand. Try to mimic the movement in a controlled manner. Tense everything up so that you keep your balance. If it gets too strenuous for you, just stick to the classic mountaineering variant on the mat. If you want more, simply bring in more speed.

Hip thrusts on the right leg and left leg

Supported enough! Lie on your back in front of the wall so that you can first comfortably support your right leg at a right angle on the wall.

Press your foot up into the one-legged bridge, pushing your free leg up into the air and pulling your toes towards you to activate all of your leg muscles. Tense your buttocks and don’t lay them all the way down on the floor: keep the tension.

Now repeat the hip thrusts on the other side. Always push your hips up nicely and flex your toes. Think of your firm bottom to activate these muscles in particular. Come up fast and come down slowly.

High five crunches

The penultimate exercise is a crunch variation in which you lie on your back in the butterfly position and bring your toes together in front of the wall on the floor. Now come up from the long lever with straight arms from the supine position and clap the wall above you. Slowly down again and up with a swing.

Obliques crunches

obliques crunches
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Finally, an exercise especially for the oblique abdominal muscles: From the supine position, the feet are placed hip-width apart on the wall. The knee joints form a right angle. Now release your head and shoulders from the floor and move your hands past your knees towards the wall: left, right, always alternating.

Wow, congratulations, you made round one! Now you’ve earned a breather and a glass of water. Dab off your sweat and hopefully start again, in round two! You can then reserve a rest day for tomorrow with a clear conscience.

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