Are Whole House Water Filter Systems Worth The Extra Cost – 2021 Guide

Are Whole House Water Filter Systems Worth The Extra Cost – 2021 Guide

Whole house water filter systems are gaining increasing popularity in recent years. These systems access your water supply’s main utility line and filter all the incoming water to ensure that you get only clean and safe water in the taps inside your home. This assurance of getting pure water as long as you have the filter system active is what has attracted several hundreds of people towards getting a whole house water filter system of their own. 

While these water systems are extremely beneficial for your household and boast a number of safety features for your family, there is one big problem to them – they cost quite a bit. Unlike small-scale water filtration systems, which cost only a few hundred dollars and filter out your drinking water connection, these whole house water filter systems can cost anywhere between 1000$ to 10,000$ depending on the connection, agency, and your house. 

This large price tag often puts many people in a dilemma – is getting a whole house water filter system worth it? Is it really that important to justify its price tag? What benefits can I incur if I install a system like that? In this guide, we will provide the answers to all these questions in a detailed list and tell you if the whole house water filter system is worth the extra cost. Read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on crucial details. 

Is it worth paying the big bucks for a whole house water filter system? 

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Let’s get one thing out of the way – whole house water filter systems don’t come cheap. There are various factors that decide how much cost you will face for installing this system but even the cheapest range is still in the thousand dollar bracket mark. However, through these same factors, you can also decide whether you are in actual need of a whole house water filter system or not and whether it makes financial sense to pay for it. 

The first factor that decides that is the quality of your water. To check if you are really getting quality drinking water for your household, you can file for a CCR in your state’s department of environmental quality. This will get you a pretty good idea if your water is actually contaminated or full of impurities or not. 

Once you are done reading the report, you will get a clear idea of what your water contains. This, in turn, dictates the type of filter you will need in your filtration system (or whether you need one at all). If your water contains high amounts of chlorine, a reliable whole house water filter system with a carbon filter attached to it can eliminate most of the chlorine in the water while also eliminating bad water odor and taste. 

Reverse osmosis, or an R.O system as you may know it, is one of the most effective ways of making any kind of water clean and pure enough for drinking purposes. R.O. system eliminates all kinds of minerals in the water passing through your home through multiple layers of filters. It is often used in small-scale water purifiers. 

There are many households in the US that get a large quantity of what is called “hard water”. This hard water differs extensively from normal water because it has a high quantity of calcium and magnesium carbonate in it that can not only clog your pipes but also be harmful to your body. A water softener filter softens this water out and eliminates these minerals to ensure a safe and healthy source of water for your household. 

Lastly, in case your water report shows none of the above-mentioned minerals in high quantity in your water nor any problems, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a whole house water filter system. However, we would still recommend you to be safe than sorry in advance as it is bound to eliminate impurities one way or the other. 

Why a whole house water filter system is more important than you think

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The inclusion of dangerous chemicals and minerals in the water supply of your home is quite a scary thought, especially considering the long-term effects and consequences these chemicals can have. Studies have shown that babies and young adults are especially vulnerable to these chemicals if they exist in their drinking water. 

Thus, the importance of a whole house water filter system becomes even more paramount than before if you have young family members around in your house. Chlorine, especially, is directly linked with a higher risk of cancer if the human body is constantly exposed to it. Even if you install a water purifier for drinking water, there is still the case of chlorine coming into contact with your body through showers, baths, and other water users. 

A simple yet effective way of protection against chlorine, and many other minerals present in normal water, is by installing a whole house water filter system for yourself. This water filter system will ensure that whatever water you get in contact with, through ingestion or otherwise, will be perfectly safe and healthy for your entire family. 

Benefits of having a reliable filter system all over your house

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There are several benefits backing the use of a whole house filter system inside your home. These benefits are – 

Clean filtered water is available from every water source in your home.

Drinking and kitchen water that is healthy.

No exposure of harmful minerals to our body during baths. 

Filtered water increases the lifetime of your appliances and piping systems by as high as 25%. It does this by ensuring that the compounds that pile up in your water pipes and machines are eliminated to ensure they don’t cause a chemical build-up and slog. 

Water that is free of minerals and harmful oxides also ensures that the corrosion on your metallic equipment is transformed into negligible quantities. It also improves ph and ensures that the electronics in your home are kept safe and sound. In the end, you get completely pure and clean water. 


We hope this article was insightful for you for letting you know if whole house water filter systems are worth the extra cost or not. If it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us immensely.

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