In Which Ways Can You Use A Hairdryer?

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A hairdryer is an all-rounder because it can not only conjure up beautiful hairstyles for you. It is also very useful in the household. We’ll show you five unimagined tricks you can do with your hairdryer.

A hairdryer is a standard feature of every bathroom. In a few minutes, he conjures up beautiful hairstyles and makes our hair shine. The hairdryer is not only helpful in the bathroom. Throughout the household, a hairdryer can help with many devices if they are not available or can be a quick solution to annoying problems.

Immediate help with stains from candle wax

candle wax
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If candle wax drips onto a ceiling, stubborn stains usually appear very quickly. To get it out again, all you need is a simple blow-dryer trick. To do this, simply place a blotting paper on the stain and direct the hot air of the hairdryer onto it.

The stain liquefies due to the warm temperature. The blotting paper ensures that it can be vacuumed up. This is how stain remover works in no time at all!

A quick remedy for dust and dirt

dust on furniture
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A hairdryer is a surprisingly good cleaning aid because it can thoroughly remove dust in a short time. With a heating system, in particular, it is not easy to suck up the dust with a normal vacuum cleaner. A hairdryer can help.

The hairdryer works like a handheld vacuum cleaner and ensures that every crack is dusted. To prevent the dust from spreading throughout the room, you should first lay out a damp sheet on which the dust can collect. Of course, the principle also works with other objects with many nooks and crannies, such as a keyboard.

No iron at hand? No problem!

blow dry clothes

Getting out the ironing board and iron for just one item of clothing can be a hassle. Fortunately, the hairdryer can also make wrinkles disappear. To do this, simply hang the item of clothing on a hook, preferably while it is still a little damp. When the garment is dry, you can moisten it slightly with a spray bottle.

Then slowly work the creases out of the garment at a medium setting by holding the blow dryer in the direction of the crease. Every now and then smooth the spot with the flat of your hand.

Incidentally, carpet creases can also be easily removed with the hairdryer. To do this, heat the crease with the hairdryer and then place a heavy object on it until the area is smoothed out again.

Plant protection thanks to a hairdryer

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Your plants are infested with aphids, but you don’t want to use toxic protective agents? Then just use a blow dryer to remove the annoying insects. To do this, simply hold the hairdryer in an inclined position on the infested leaves and let the warm air flow over it.

The aphids don’t like that at all and jump off the leaf quickly. To prevent the lice from spreading around the apartment afterward, you should use the trick over a bathtub.

Defrost the refrigerator faster

defrosting with a hairdryer
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When the refrigerator is defrosted, it must be completely emptied. But it takes some time until such a refrigerator is defrosted. Meanwhile, some foods can go bad quickly.

To speed up the process, you can use a hairdryer. To do this, simply set the hairdryer to a high temperature and point it towards the refrigerator. Be careful not to stand too close to the refrigerator to avoid damaging the plastic. You should also have towels ready to catch the condensation.

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