We Can Also Wear These Bridgerton Styles in 2021

We Can Also Wear These Bridgerton Styles in 2021

Love, drama, and passion – the new Netflix series Bridgerton fulfill everything a viewer’s heart desires. She takes us with impressive ball gowns and elaborate costumes to the England of the Regency era.

If we’ve watched a series in the past few weeks, it must have been this one. The family ties of the Bridgertons and the intrigues of London’s high society have captivated us and never let go. Hand on heart: Who has thought of each other at high tea with the Queen?

We know from the series: If you deserve such an honor, you have to dress appropriately. And the ladies from Bridgerton can do that every time. They are in breathtaking robes – all designed by costume designer Ellen Mirojnick, who makes 19th-century fashion shine again. She makes Daphne Bridgerton a true style icon, from whom we can still learn a lot. 

Admittedly, evening dresses trimmed with brocades and crowns in the hair are less suitable for our everyday lives. But why not just translate the Bridgerton Style into 2021? With the right it-pieces, you too will become the “Diamond of the Season”. 

Bridgerton Blue

daphne bridgerton
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In contrast to the flashy colors that Featherington wears enough, the Bridgerton blue stands for timeless elegance and grace. Above all, Daphne wears pastel blue shades, on the one hand as a sign of her innocence, on the other hand, to do justice to the social prestige of her house.

Of course, you can do that too: Whether it’s a dress, blouse or cardigan, there are many opportunities for development here. If a pastel blue dress is too good for you, you can opt for less conspicuous accessories. The Bridgerton blue can also be combined with more rocky parts. 

If blue is not your color, you can also use other pastel shades – these are also very popular with the Bridgertons. Daphne’s sisters, for example, prefer a delicate pink or elegant green. 

Hair accessories 

daphne bridgerton tiara
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We see elaborate headdresses everywhere at Bridgerton: Not only the Queen wears it, the debutantes also adorn their heads with them. A tiara for everyday life might be a bit too much of a good thing, but you still don’t have to do without beautiful headdresses.

How about a fashionable headband? They are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns and can be combined in many ways. In addition, they are much more comfortable to wear than some headdresses from the Regency era – Daphne would certainly be jealous!


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Don’t worry – this look won’t leave you breathless! Corsets are back in fashion but are much more comfortable than their 19th-century predecessors. We already saw many corset tops last summer and they are in demand again this year. 

But it’s not just about tops: corsets are also used more often in dresses and ensure a graceful appearance. Your personal Duke of Hastings will definitely not belong incoming.

The Empire Waistline

bridgerton lady whistledown
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In the Regency era, dresses with the Empire Waistline were all the rage and you can see them everywhere at Bridgerton. These dresses emphasize femininity, are gathered under the chest, and fall wide.

This cut is still popular today, and you can often see it in both the cold and warm seasons. So you can’t go wrong with a dress like this – Lady Whistledown wouldn’t have anything wrong with it either!

Floral pattern

img source: flowerpowerdaily.com

The Featheringtons wear them with flying colors: Shrill colors and floral patterns of all kinds. Floral patterns are coming back especially at the beginning of spring – and you can combine them very flexibly. If you are really brave, you can also try bright colors. Maybe even with the Featherington yellow? So you will definitely attract everyone’s attention!

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