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How We Wear Our Curls Now?


Are you proud of not having straight hair? Then show it! Here we reveal what’s hot in terms of curl styling and hairstyles…

Are you one of the lucky ones who are naturally blessed with curls? Congratulation! But then you also know that your hair needs more. More power to shine. More care in order to be armed against all challenges of everyday life and environmental influences. More sensitivity to style the perfect hairstyle.

But you also know that there is something else that makes your hair stand out: it creates envious looks. Because curly hair is not only trendy but also rare – and accordingly in demand. While others are still styling to conjure up volume, strength, and coolness in their hair, your hair already brings all this with you. But how do you stage them in a contemporary way? And what is currently particularly “en vogue” when it comes to styling, care? We reveal the secret of real dream curls!

Perfectly cared for

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With curls, you have one of the most demanding hair structures ever. This is even more true in autumn and winter when hats and constant switching between heating air and cold stress your hair. In any case, there is no boredom in your everyday styling routine. Instead, it’s all about bounce. That is what counts and therefore the elasticity of your curls. Obtaining the latter is not easy. But there are actually ways you can finally say goodbye to unruly hair and frizz: thanks to products that score with special formulations for curls.

For example, formulations with rosehip oil or with a specially developed, curl-improving technology are your best care friends! Are you convinced, but you don’t know which products offer exactly that? We reveal the secret: Shampoo, conditioner, and also the styling mousse dream curls series are equipped with these care guarantees.

In the 90s looks – and sometimes short

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Obvious: curls are in! At least that is proven by a look at the social web, but also at the world’s catwalks. Even in the otherwise strict haute couture area, curly hairstyles have been styled more and more frequently over the past few years. And if you look very closely here, you can also see: Curly 90s hairstyles, in particular, are back. Casual, chic, brave!

But what is a typical 90s, but reinterpreted curl styling? The cut is decisive for this. Shag cut and bob also work with curly hair. There is even a curly pixie. The curls themselves are not very accurate and strict but rather defined, but naturally arranged. In short: instead of big beach waves, rock’n’roll curls are the order of the day! You need definition, stability, and flexibility.

How do we style such perfect 90s curls? With a lot of moisture! They should definitely donate styling products for curls, just like the defining curl cream. And where it says “dream curls”, you are sure to have dream curls! For your styling, simply rub a pea-sized amount of the cream in the palms of your hands and distribute it into damp hair – from roots to tips. Then style your hair as usual. Frizz doesn’t stand a chance even after the most demanding styling.

With pride

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Do your curls have a mind of their own? Be proud of it! Because every curl is unique – and it has never been more popular to self-confidently stage your dream curls. In times of buzzwords like “body positivity” and “diversity,” you can be all the happier that you are just as individual as your curls. And it is exactly this posture that is still the most beautiful way to wear your curls!

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