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How Is It Possible Not To Gain Weight During The Holidays?


The Advent season is in full swing and with it, the time of gluttony begins again: roasts, sweets, cookies, mulled wine – temptations lurk around every corner. Who could resist that?

However, these delicious calorie bombs tend to stick stubbornly to our hips, and getting rid of them is very tedious. Certainly not doing it would be the most effective solution – but chastise yourself now and forbid the Christmas treats?

That would be really torturing. You don’t necessarily have to lose weight during Advent. So why not follow the motto of surviving the weeks without weight gain on the scales?

Eat a healthy diet

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Eat a healthy diet with lots of seasonal fruit and vegetables, then even small slip-ups are forgivable.

Avoid hunger

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Make sure you eat regularly. Skipping breakfast, just eating a banana at lunchtime, and then going to the Christmas party doesn’t help.

Then you are guaranteed to fall over the cookie jar or reach for the fattest dishes on the buffet because your body demands faster energy. Those who are hungry generally eat larger and higher-calorie servings.

Eat a salad before a party and drink a lot of mineral water, then you can control yourself better at the buffet.

Consciously enjoy

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Don’t forbid yourself anything, but eat slowly and consciously. Two cookies can provide the same enjoyment as five.

Exercise regularly

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Go outside in the fresh air despite the cold – at least once a day. A half-hour walk not only keeps you fit but also burns around 100 calories.

Despite the cold season and Christmas stress, do not neglect your regular workout – this is how you simply get rid of your Christmas pounds!

Snack on candy consciously

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Pay attention to the selection of your candy. Gingerbread, for example, is much lower in fat than shortcrust biscuits, and speculoos has fewer calories than chocolate-coated biscuits.

Cut the gingerbread or stollen into small pieces before consuming. Those who can access it more often are satisfied faster and are more likely to stop eating.

Reach for healthy snacks

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Do you fancy a Christmas snack? Reach for tangerines, baked apples, chestnuts, and nuts. It’s best to crack the latter yourself instead of buying them ready-to-eat. The manual work with the nutcracker slows your eating pace and keeps you from snacking on the nuts en masse.

Cut down on alcohol

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Without alcohol, it will be difficult in the Advent season. However, try to limit your consumption. A little trick: don’t drink alcohol before meals because it stimulates the appetite.

Alcohol inhibits fat burning, so use it sparingly. At the Christmas market, it is better to drink a glass of mulled wine instead of punch or hot chocolate with whipped cream, as this contains less sugar or high-percentage alcohol (than punch). Of course, a non-alcoholic drink such as tea or a spiced chai latte is best.