What Can You Do With Onion Peel?- Healthy Waste

What Can You Do With Onion Peel?- Healthy Waste

Peel the onion, cry for a while and throw away the onion skin – the usual procedure. But you can often do a lot more with onion skins than it seems at first glance.

Europeans eat onions in large quantities. Half a million tons of onion skins end up as waste in the organic waste bin every year. But the peel of organic onions, in particular, contains large amounts of fiber, flavonoids, and probiotic sulfur compounds. They can support the intestinal flora, have a blood-purifying effect, and can prevent heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Here are five useful tips for using onion skins.

Spicy soup

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Do you want to add a little more flavor to your soup? Then just add a few washed onion skins to the simmering broth. Thanks to their fibers and phenol, the onion skins not only give your soup a hearty aroma , but also give it an appetizing color. They are particularly suitable for vegetable soups, as they spice up the mild taste with their spiciness. The same goes for onion skins in broths and stocks. A homemade broth with onion peels works wonders for colds.

Healthy bread

onion bread
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Onion skins can also work small wonders with home-baked bread. If you add a little of it to the dough, the bread will be spicier and even healthier for your immune system, thanks to the high antioxidant content in the bowls. To do this, simply grind the dried onion peels and mix them with the flour. Replace about one to five percent of the flour with the ground onion peels. The more, the more intensely the aroma unfolds.

Leg cramps

leg cramps
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Are you plagued by leg cramps? Eating onion peels can reduce the pain. To do this, cook the onion skins of three to four medium-sized onions for about 20 minutes and then filter them through. If you drink a cup of onion water every day before going to sleep, the leg cramps should subside after two weeks.

Hair dye

hair dye with onion peel
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For a few fresh highlights for your hair, you no longer have to go to the hairdresser, the kitchen cupboard is just as good. Because with onion peels you can easily conjure up elegant copper-colored highlights in your mane. To do this, bring four handfuls of onion skins to a boil in distilled water – normal tap water contains too much lime. After five minutes, take the onion stock off the stove, let it cool and strain it. The next time you wash your hair, use the onion water like a conditioner and let it soak in for a few minutes. Repeat the treatment until the desired effect is achieved.

Plant protection

Usually, the onion peels end up on the compost in the garden. But you can also compost them differently and much more usefully. Onion skins are a perfect helper for pest control and protect plants from fungus, rot and gray mold. To prepare the onion manure, you need 100 grams of onion skins. You put this in a saucepan with one liter of water and put the lid on it. Then you put the vessel in the sun for seven days to ferment. Dilute the liquid manure with water in a ratio of 1:10 and the natural onion fertilizer is ready to use.

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