What Car Does Bill Gates Drive?

What Car Does Bill Gates Drive?

Cars have always been a hot topic for everyone. Apart from being a means of transportation, they are also a subject for showing power sometimes, and a typical example of that is the luxury cars with the best features that are driven by famous people. Celebrity cars are always in the spotlight precisely because they have the best features, but also because they are driven by celebrities. Celebrities are almost always on the wallpaper, and more and more often on the wallpaper because of their vehicles. The best example of this is Bill Gates who has been constantly in the public eye lately.

When a person is successful and achieves great results, then he becomes popular. An example of such popularization is Bill Gates, who is known for founding the Microsoft company, but also as the director of the company of the same name. It became popular in the late ’90s and its popularity is in full swing to this day. People recognize him for his often controversial statements, but also for the projects he has worked on. He has recently been recognized for his powerful car. Bill Gates has simply become a symbol of the model of car he drives. We are sure that this topic has already aroused your interest and that you are already interested in the vehicle that Gates drives, so in the following, we will talk about his vehicle, the history of the vehicle, and what are its features. Of course, to find out all this information you will need to stay with us until the end of this article and read us very carefully. Are you ready? Then we can start!

First, let’s find out something in more detail about Bill Gates

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There are a number of successful people in the world who have proven to be great in the field in which they work. With their dedicated work, they managed to achieve a lot and become recognizable, and some of them even managed to enter the richest people on the planet. One of them is Bill Gates. He is celebrated with his company Microsoft, which today is a leading brand for computer operating systems, but also a recognizable brand in several other categories. He lives a seemingly modest life, but the amount of money and the amount of wealth say otherwise. According to the latest official estimates from 2017, he weighed 88.5 billion dollars expressed in assets (this does not include the money he has in his accounts because it is a secret that is not available to the public). He shares this property with his three children and his wife Melinda Gates. He currently lives in Washington and often ripples the public with his views and solutions to the pandemic, which views can often anger the general public. He is often the subject of conversation because of his vehicle. Let’s see what kind of vehicle he drives, how much it costs, and what are the specifications.

What is the vehicle that drives this millionaire?

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As we have already said, the public often knows how to be interested in the private lives of famous people, and the lives of billionaires are especially interesting for them. News related to them can often be found on celebrity news, and most often you can find news about the famous businessman Bill Gates. Lately, more and more often in the tabloids and on popular news sites you can find estimates about him, but also news related to the vehicle he drives. The vehicle he drives is no secret and can be found on the Internet. It is a vehicle from the Porsche brand, more precisely a model of Porsche known as Porsche 959. It is a classic car that was produced in the past, but which has an extremely high value. Gates fell in love with this car in the shop window and did not think at all, so he decided to afford such an expensive pet on four wheels. What kind of car is it exactly, what are the specifications, what is its value and we will find out much more in the next part which is dedicated to this particular Porsche model.

Porsche 959 – What do we need to know about Gates’ car?

porsche 959
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In the world of cars, there are many brands that are especially proven in the production and sale of cars. The Porsche brand can be singled out as a particularly prominent brand and as a brand with a long experience behind it. It is a brand that comes from the city of Stuttgart in Germany. It was founded exactly 90 years ago and from the very beginning, it is considered a prominent and much-desired brand among car lovers. It is for this brand that the powerful Gates is decided, and for himself, he has bought the Porsche model known as the Porsche 959. Let’s see what type of car it is.

The Porsche 959 is a model that was produced from the mid-80s of the last century and was produced until the mid-90s of the last century. At that time, this vehicle was considered a very luxurious vehicle that had powerful features and could only be owned by people who had great wealth around them. That is why this vehicle is in the hands of Gates. It is a model designed by the famous Helmuth Bott. The vehicle belongs to the category of sports cars and is characterized by two doors. It is a small, compact, and very powerful solution produced by Porsche. It has an engine with a power of 2.8 L (2,849 cc) twin-turbocharged flat-6, and the power it shows is with parameters 450 PS (331 kW; 444 hp) or 500 N⋅m (369 lbf⋅ft) of torque. It features 6 gears and a manual gearbox which is a feature of the brand itself (it is rare for this brand to find an automated gearbox at that time). About 200 finished cars have been produced, and one of them certainly belongs to Gates. This vehicle today is valued at $ 2.1 Million, which means that Bill did not save on his vehicle at all.

As we can see from our research, Bill Gates fulfilled his wish and afforded the best for himself, not paying attention at all to the price he had to pay. This is typical of all-powerful and famous people because that way they not only want to show their power and status, they also want to show their affection for superior products like this Porsche. It remains to be seen in the coming period whether Bill will replace this beast with an even stronger and more expensive beast or remain loyal to his longtime friend to the end.

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