What Food Can Do To Your Body?

What Food Can Do To Your Body?

Our food is not just a necessary source of energy. The nutrients, vitamins, minerals, or fats that are included in a balanced diet, support also our general health and fitness. And those who only eat junk food will experience the opposite effect.

But quite ordinary, everyday foods can also develop side effects that one would not have expected. Some of them are on the other hand rather positive, with others you should be careful under certain circumstances. The nutrition experts explain the sometimes unpleasant surprises.


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First and foremost, carrots are very healthy. What makes them so healthy is the beta carotene, which also gives the carrots their color. The body converts it into vitamin A, which is a good immune booster and actually supports visual performance. But if you ingest too much of it, your skin can turn orange! But you would have to give it a go because before this critical dose would be reached, you would have to grind 600 grams of carrots per day over a period of three weeks – but it is possible.


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Garlic is a real boon for health, for example, it has antiseptic and antihypertensive properties. But if you overdo it, a side effect can occur – albeit a rather harmless one. Extreme consumption of garlic changes the body odor and also that of the breath. It doesn’t necessarily smell like the pure tuber, but the smell generally shifts to sweetish. But here, too, you need pretty heavy quantities, starting at around five toes a day over a period of several weeks.


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The ingredients of the spicy, tasty tuber have an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthen the immune system. But horseradish can also be pure medicine. What few know is that it is a really powerful cure for severe sinus congestion. The essential oils are great expectorants, hardly any medication comes with them. Try a small bowl of horseradish porridge mixed with honey and a little water – it works!


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Oatmeal not only makes a nutritious breakfast but it can also even be used as a remedy – namely against sunburn! You just have to boil half a cup of oatmeal with half a cup of water and let the paste cool. This is then applied to the affected areas of the skin and remains there for about 30 minutes. The whole thing should be repeated two to three times a day, then the problem should be resolved. The oatmeal porridge protects the skin from light and supplies it with moisture and proteins-this considerably promotes the healing process.


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Strictly speaking, the versatile spice is also a “drug” – and a rather violent one. The psychoactive substance responsible for this is myristicin. To trigger hallucinations, however, you would have to eat about two whole nutmegs, and that in turn comes with side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and cramps – an extremely unpleasant experience. Incidentally, from three whole nutmegs, it can be life-threatening, so the test is strongly discouraged.

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