What If You Can’t Swallow Pills?

What If You Can’t Swallow Pills?

Many people find it difficult to swallow large pills. There can be various causes behind this. Often, however, the tablets are simply taken incorrectly.

It feels like the tablet is stuck to the roof of your mouth, as if the swallowing mechanism just stopped working.

Many people feel this way when they have to take a pill. This could be due to psychological problems or even a swallowing disorder. But sometimes it just takes a few tricks to swallow the tablet.

These causes could be behind it

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If simple tricks don’t help, the difficulty swallowing can also have deeper causes such as psychological problems. When you have to swallow a pill, your head blocks it. Reasons for this can be occurrences in childhood or the recent past.

For example, if you have choked on something very badly. As a result, you may have developed a fear of swallowing pills. If simple tricks don’t help, you should seek professional help to overcome your fear.

Difficulty swallowing can also be caused by so-called dysphagia. It is a symptom of various diseases, as the pharmacist explains, including neurological diseases or pathological changes in the esophagus.

You can recognize a swallowing disorder by the fact that you find it difficult not only to swallow tablets but also food. It then feels as if the swallowed is literally stuck in the throat or chest.

Other indications are weight loss or deficiency symptoms. Be sure to clarify such symptoms with a doctor.

But if you just find it difficult to swallow pills, it is often due to psychological causes or simply improper execution.

With these tricks, pills go down easier

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Experts recommend the bottle trick if you have difficulty swallowing. First, the tablet is placed on the tongue. Then you put a water bottle with a wider opening to your mouth and take a long sip. The tablet should also be swallowed. Tilting your head back slightly can also help.

It is also important to maintain an upright posture when swallowing. Some people also hide their pills in food to make them easier to take. Soft food such as yogurt is particularly suitable for this.

However, not every tablet should be taken in combination with food. Therefore read the package insert beforehand or clarify this with the treating medical staff or directly in the pharmacy.

What you should definitely avoid

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Do not crush the tablets before taking them, as this can make them less effective.

Also, you shouldn’t dissolve the pills in water. That also makes them less effective. Make sure you drink enough water before and after.

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