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What Is “Drunk Texting” And Why Is It Happening To Us?


If you write a love message to your ex in the middle of the night or verbally abuse them, it is possible that “drunk texting” was involved. We explain the causes.

This has already happened to many: After a party with plenty of alcohol, we have the irresistible need to send a friend or even an ex-partner a supposedly important message or even a love oath. And when we wake up the next morning with a mighty hangover, we would do nothing better than delete this message immediately. We explain why drunk texting is such a common phenomenon and what you can do about it.

That is why we write messages after too much alcohol

drunk texting
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We all know from pleasurable or painful experiences that alcohol removes inhibitions. Once it was then only the unknown bar neighbor to whom we submitted our life story or whom we whacked unconditionally.

The smartphones have now opened another variant. Because they give us the opportunity to tell an ex-partner or a distant friend what we always wanted to say to him or her. In our alcohol-related euphoria, we are usually not even aware that this message has little relevance after a few glasses of wine or, better still, should remain completely unwritten. So we cheerfully send vows of love or nasty insults into the world and would like to sink into the ground the next morning when we discover the mess on our mobile phone.

This is how you can react after “drunk texting”

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If you get into a situation like this, there are two ways to deal with it. Either you choose to completely ignore your wrongdoing from the night before. In many cases, the recipient is well aware that you were not completely sober when you sent your message. That is why there is usually no reaction to the “drunk texting” and after a few days, the matter is forgotten.

But if you have written something that you regret bitterly, the only thing that will help us to flee forward. Immediately contact the person you wrote the message to and clarify the matter. In no case should you do this again with a text message? A phone call or a face-to-face meeting is better.

How to avoid drunk texting

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The best way to avoid getting into such an embarrassing situation in the first place is of course to keep your hands off alcohol. But if you really want to go to a party and have a drink or two, there are two more effective tricks to avoid “drunk texting”.

For example, it would be possible to put your mobile phone in flight mode before the party begins. Then, when the alcohol takes its full effect, you may still be able to compose your messages – but you cannot send them. And it will usually only occur to you the next morning how to solve the problem. However, if you exit flight mode before you have deleted your messages from the previous night, they will of course still be sent, so be careful!

If you’re into drunk texting, another option is to hide your phone deep in the handbag of your best friend, who has to swear she won’t give you your phone back until the next day.

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