What you need to know on Canine Infertility?

What can you probably deduce from canine infertility? Maybe something that you won’t take seriously as it is definitely different from human infertility. But if you were a dog breeder, then the news will come as a shock to realize that their female and male dogs they have bought can’t breed. It is especially damaging to their reputation as a breeder. For those that purchase a pet as a hobby, canine infertility is not something they will be overly concerned. It is common for most pet owners to get their dog fixed so as not to have such problem. If you belong to the category of pet owners that want your dog to produce puppies, then a little knowledge will do you no harm.

The basis for Canine Infertility

One of the main causes of canine infertility is the time where it was breed. Common to human breeding, the act of producing puppies will have to be done at a certain time or it will be difficult for the dog to get pregnant. The pet could be very healthy but the ovulation timing could be wrong. The next thing you have to do is to get the male and female canine to attempt it when the next cycle comes. That is the main reason for up to eighty percent of the female dogs that do not get pregnant. The next common reason for canine infertility is the infertility of the male dog that was brought to breed with the female dog.

For that you will have to get the male dog tested but that is usually done only when problems arise and canine infertility is quite common in males. The cycles of female canine are equally vital when compared to women’s cycle. If you don’t get the female canine into the heat as it should be, canine infertility can occur. Besides that, they are other medical reasons that cause canine infertility. The reason could be bacterial or some other causes. The cause of canine infertility can be many and varied but seeking the help of a veterinarian can provide a solution to the problem, so it best to seek it instead of leaving to nature.

Overcoming Canine Infertility could be puppies galore

Most pet owners and dog breeder prefer to see the joy of puppies running around. But once your dogs are infertile, then that will be impossible. Therefore it is vital to get your veterinarian as involved as possible while you are breeding the pet dog so to ensure the end result is what you desired. To ensure that you are free of canine infertility worry, get your pet dog examined.