These Six Foods Will Make You Fit For Autumn

These Six Foods Will Make You Fit For Autumn

Have you already made a large stock of handkerchiefs? The cold season not only brings cozy hours in front of the fireplace but unfortunately also coughs and runny nose. You can, however, strengthen your immune system preventively – with these foods.


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Whether in cosmetics or medicine: honey is a natural remedy. Because it contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes that protect the body from bacteria and at the same time strengthen the immune system. For example, by dissolving one to two tablespoons of honey in warm water and mixing it with a little lemon juice.


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A nice cup of hot ginger tea – and the immune system will flourish. The tuber contains essential oils, but also a lot of vitamin C and minerals. The pungent taste comes from gingerol, which is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect.


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Mostly underestimated, vegetables are a real vitamin C bomb – and can definitely keep up with citrus fruits. The vitamin is important for building white blood cells, which are responsible for our immune system. However, a lot of vitamin C is lost during cooking because it is water-soluble and heat-sensitive. Therefore, steam the kale only briefly and with little water – you could cook this traditional North German delicacy, for example.


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A little green in winter is not only good for the eye, but also for the body. Cress contains many cell-protecting vitamins as well as iron and iodine.


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The protein contained in almonds, hazelnuts, and the like is a building material for our immune cells. In addition, zinc and magnesium ensure that free radicals can be fought. However, you should not now eat the complete bag of trail mix, because nuts are also extremely high in fat.

Sunflower oil

sunflower oil
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Two tablespoons of oil cover the daily requirement of vitamin E. Because whoever suffers from vitamin E deficiency, fewer antibodies are formed in the immune system. But be careful: the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids in sunflower oil is not ideal. Therefore, you should also use rapeseed oil.

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