Zendaya & Tom Holland That’s What She Says About Their Relationship

Zendaya & Tom Holland That’s What She Says About Their Relationship

It has been rumored for a long time that Zendaya and Tom Holland are a couple. But a comment by the actress casts doubt on it.

Actors Zendaya (25) and Tom Holland (25) are not only considered a dream couple in the new Spiderman film, which is due to hit cinemas in December. They are also said to have found each other in their private lives. At least the fans are sure that a birthday greeting from Tom Halland to his colleague – garnished with a cute photo of the two – shows that they have long felt more for each other than friendship.

Zendaya shares memories

So is a new dream couple stepping onto the stage here? New statements by Zendaya at least raise doubts about this, reports. In an interview with British “Vogue”, Zendaya clicked through her Instagram account. In doing so, she comes across a photo that she shows together with her film partner. You and Tom can be seen in a scene from Spiderman. Zendaya holds on to her film partner and makes faces for the fans and the camera.

Zendaya calls Tom Holland “one of her best friends”

zendaya and tom holland
img source: pagesix.com

Actually a harmless picture, but the comment of the actress makes the fans sit up and take notice. She describes the snapshot as “really strange and a surreal experience” that she was able to share with one of her “best friends”.

Fans puzzled over the message

tom holland and zendaya
img source: hellomagazine.com

The big guesswork is now beginning for the fans of the actors. Is Tom Holland really just a good friend? Or did Zendaya say this in the interview to protect the young happiness a little from the public?

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