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Which 3 Zodiac Signs Have The Best Mummy Qualities?


Do you have the qualities to be a really good mother? Find out, because your zodiac sign also has a say in this.

Sure, almost every woman loves her children more than anything, and only very few are wicked mothers. But there also seem to be women who were born with the mother gene. You seem particularly loving and caring in dealing with children and in their upbringing. They seem to know intuitively what is right for the child and they stay relaxed and calm even in stressful situations.

With these mummy traits, certain zodiac signs are more richly blessed than others. But do not panic, even if you do not find yourself here, that does not mean that you are or will be a bad mother – nevertheless, there are signs of the zodiac that move particularly naturally through the nursery.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) are especially empathetic

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The character of the fish brings the perfect mum basic equipment with them. They are particularly sensitive and empathetic and can naturally empathize with the personality and needs of their children. Pisces mothers intuitively recognize what their offspring needs and they are also very understanding.

Pisces mums will not put unnecessary pressure on their children either, they will patiently deal with problems and crises and solve them with love and optimism. But that doesn’t mean that they pamper the offspring, they can point out very clear boundaries and enforce them. But not with severity and punishment, but with mindfulness and mutual respect.

Cancer (June 22nd – July 22nd) is sensitive and respectful

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In terms of sensitivity and empathy, a Cancer mom is hardly inferior to Pisces. She is also exceptionally sensitive, she just feels how her little one is doing and always has the right words and gestures ready. A respectful togetherness is paramount with Cancer and it will also convey this value to his children, of course in a respectful way.

A Cancer mother is a great role model for adult life, and the offspring are sure to benefit from the social and emotional skills she gives them along the way. There is only one thing that some Cancer mums have a little trouble with: They are hard to let go. If your mother is in touch with you every day to make sure you are okay, then she is most likely Cancer.

Libra (September 24th – October 23rd) loves harmony and is creative

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Above all, Libra needs a lot of harmonies and that is what distinguishes them as a mom. She is a great diplomat, she manages to solve pretty much any conflict and in a way that even a child can learn from it and develop social skills. At the same time, she has pronounced creativity, which is often noticeable in the children’s room. Every detail from the wall color to the bed is carefully and deliberately selected.

The children of Libra mothers often grow up in a particularly beautiful and child-friendly environment. They are encouraged and supported in their own creativity and are allowed to try out and develop their individuality in a playful way. You shouldn’t put a Libra mother under too much stress, as that collides with her need for harmony. In practice, however, that usually only means that she needs her little time off every now and then to take a deep breath.

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