3 Zodiac Signs Always Fall For The Wrong Men

3 Zodiac Signs Always Fall For The Wrong Men

Some are lucky in love, others are more unlucky when choosing a partner – and that again and again. The zodiac sign can also play a role here.

We all dream of the great love that will last a lifetime and make us happy. The way there is mostly paved with some relationships that have gone wrong. You hardly ever find the right person right away and you can at least learn something from the failures – namely who and what you don’t need.

But then there are also women who constantly get on the wrong side and get involved in partnerships that are actually doomed to failure from the start. The reason why they plunge into preprogrammed lovesickness again and again despite all the negative experiences has to do with their zodiac signs – we will tell you here which ones they are.

Pisces (February 20 – March 20) are often too naive

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Pisces are real dreamers when it comes to love. They often have an idealized idea of a perfect partner and are therefore actually not easy to conquer. Unfortunately, they can also be quite naive. They like to fall in love with a superficial impression that corresponds to their romantic ideas and then simply hide the obviously unsuitable properties.

Pisces always run the risk of being blinded, especially by supposedly strong and self-confident types who then like to be adored without really wanting to go into the partner. If it then inevitably doesn’t work out, the extremely sensitive fish also suffer particularly from it – only to tie themselves back to the wrong “dream prince” later.

Cancer (June 22nd – July 22nd) needs a lot of closeness

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The sensitive and sentimental Cancer is a true romantic. If he gets involved in a relationship, then it has to feel like a great love. But he also falls in love very quickly, because he is prone to compliments and can easily be turned his head. In a relationship, closeness and intimacy are the most important things for him – and that can become a problem.

Many partners feel overwhelmed and if the partner then demands more freedom, cancer often perceives this as an offense and disappointment and lets him feel it too. Through this behavior, the relationship can then become more and more alienated. The ideal Cancer partner must also have and live this need for intimate togetherness, otherwise sooner or later the paths will part again.

The Libra (September 24th – October 23rd) likes to be dazzled

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Balance, harmony, and beauty – this is what Libra strives for and needs. She is attractive, cultured, and friendly, and she never lacks admirers. But she, too, often falls in love with a superficial impression and tends to be dazzled by externals. If conflicts break out in a committed relationship, Libra often finds it difficult to deal with them. She prefers to avoid arguments and discussions, so she usually just shuts down.

If the partner can keep up appearances, then the scales are wax in their hands. Therefore it runs the risk of being exploited. It often takes a while for her to notice, and then the disappointment is even greater. Finding the right partner is a matter of luck for Libra, but not impossible – if you find a kindred soul behind the dazzling facade.

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