Which 3 Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Pessimistic?


If the character ensures that it is never satisfied, it could also be due to the zodiac sign. Three zodiac signs are particularly often unsatisfied.

Some people have a knack for making delicious lemonade out of every lemon that life gives them. Others, however, never seem to be satisfied and constantly have the feeling that things could always be a little better. If you are one of those contemporaries, your zodiac sign could play an important role. There are three signs of the zodiac that often struggle with nagging dissatisfaction and pessimism.

Capricorn – inspired by ambition

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As an extremely disciplined and ambitious zodiac sign, Capricorn flourishes completely in his work. He concentrates on completing the tasks assigned to him and does not rest until he has reached his goal. The pedantic Capricorn always proceeds according to a carefully worked-out plan. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that life throws a spanner in the works.

If he cannot achieve the desired goal in the desired way, it will be difficult for this zodiac sign. He lacks the imagination to look for alternative solutions that are also successful. For the Capricorn, the aspired summit moves into an unreachable distance. Satisfaction cannot arise here. But there is pessimism.

Virgo – pedantic perfectionist

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Virgo loves her job too. She will never refuse a task intended for her, and so it happens that the work orders tend to pile up on Virgo’s desk. The Virgo will now try meticulously to work through the piece of the individual project by piece.

The perfectionism inherent in her, however, ensures that she also carries out unimportant tasks with the same precision as the important projects. The Virgo’s way of working then means that she needs significantly longer for the working day than carefree colleagues who sometimes leave unimportant tasks unfinished.

The Virgo sits alone in the office late at night, while the others have been enjoying the evening for a long time. No wonder that she often has the feeling of being disadvantaged by fate and that she is pessimistic about life.

Leo – admired star

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The lion’s dissatisfaction is less to be found in his professional than in his private environment. It is important to him to be the center of attention everywhere and to be the star he admires.

The charismatic lion may well succeed at a party. But longer friendships only work when give and take are roughly balanced.

For Leo, this means that he has to take himself back and let the others have their say. But that goes against the grain of this vain sign of the zodiac so that the Leo is always plagued by dissatisfaction and pessimism.

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